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Things That Piss You Off


Say “like” one more fucking time!!!


I hate when people lilt at the end of a sentence that is a statement and make is sound kinda like a question maybe…


Bruh, everyone hates that. Even people who do it hate when other people do it. I deal with this shit almost on a daily basis - it’s rampant in my workplace among the younger females - and there’s a lot of sub-30 females.


You mean like this, right?





Sitting on conference call line for 15+ minutes waiting for people that are out of the office for the day (they set it up)… :rageguy:


When I leave my car keys with my gym access card at a 24 hour fitness club early morning and have to wait at a diner for a couple hours for a member to show up so I can get my key. Good thing I wanted to do a refeed day today so I sat and ate a couple of meals. Maybe that doesnt piss me off so much after thinking about it. Ha!


I do believe that’s grounds for retaliatory torture


Snotty trades suppliers. I called an hvac supplier to get a new contactor switch for my cooling system and the guy gave me the “We only supply professionals” bullshit.

Fuck Mike. He’s an asshole.

I used to sell welding supplies. It went like this- “You have a part number?”.
Customer “Yes. #HC 2468-B”.

Me “Cash or invoice?”…


When your phone battery reaches that point where loses it’s mind.

Check battery status --> 20%
Look at website–> 15%
Check mail --> 6%
“WTF man!!”
Shuts down


Blown sprinkler heads
Pointless conversations
Hyper-sensitive people


Who you calling hyper-sensitive?


Do you have an iPhone?


This made me lol! It couldn’t have been more spot on.


Hematomas in my ears piss me off to no end. Headgear pisses me off more though, so I guess I’m out of luck on that front.

I’ve probably had 10 cc of fluid pulled out of my left ear in the past week.


from BJJ?


Yeah. Had to tap to a bow & arrow yesterday because my collar was smashing my ear. I’m pretty sure I would have gutted it out if it had mattered, but fuck did that hurt.

I’ve resigned myself to headgear until the tournament this weekend. These puppies need to heal.


My car’s crappy “miles to empty” guesstimator did an exciting version of this yesterday, by my math somehow my commute home was 40 miles longer than usual somehow.


We’re coming up on fireworks amateur hour season. Where the week leading up to and after the 4th, you can bet some moron within a few miles will be launching their crap at 20-30 minute intervals. It’s never all at once, just spaced out enough to keep you awake. I get the first one, yeah have some fun, whatever, but by the 3rd or 4th rally an hour or so later I’m hoping they blow their freaking hands off. (EDIT: ok, not really but damnit some people have to work in the morning).


Saw a guy who actually did blow his hand off–completely gone, at the wrist. He had attempted to make a ‘sparkler bomb’ by taping a fistful of sparklers together, then lighting them. Unfortunately for him (and his friend who happened to be standing nearby), it was a highly successful endeavor. (I saw him because he managed to blow up one of his eyes as well.)