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Things That Piss You Off


Ya, I understand being frustrated, but airing it all out in public is just unacceptable in my book.


People that start shit just to start shit: Have a gal in our clinic portion doing a rotation for school (younger gal 22-24 not sure) and she’s a shit stirrer, from shitty little remarks about the town and people (small and rural) to outright, “I leave in a week and can drop bombs and leave and not give a shit about you people.” Verbatim. While drunk and partying with everyone she is currently working with. The lead up to that quote was this: 15-20 folks sitting around a fire drinking, I’m one of the few sober ones there, the only sober one at the fire, 90% of the folks sitting there are married and in their 30s (full on adult party, ha) and she says, “Hey, let’s play never have I ever!” (She’s been getting drunker through the day/night and just trying to stir shit up, and being sober and around her all day I have seen it progress and know exactly where she’s headed with it) So I tell her, “Hey, let’s not! Let’s just drink and bullshit.”

Her: “Oooooh party pooper, the only people that don’t want to play are people that have something to hide!”
Me: Laugh
Her: “It’s true,” looks directly at my wife and in a shitty tone says, “sorry (Despade’s wife).”
Me: What the actual fuck?


Cannot agree more! People who cause drama for their own amusement are psychopaths in their own messed up little way.


I get that pissing you off - it’d get under my skin too. Silver lining: You seem like a generally happy dude - she’ll be a miserable cunt for AT LEAST the next 5 or so years no matter where she ends up. So at least you’ll have that :slight_smile:

It’s the little things.


the real question is what are you hiding, motherfucker?


Hey! I’m not on trial here! haha

Edit: I realize now the obvious reply should have been a stiffy.


There’s your problem right there. Don’t drink with co-workers. Problem solved. Isn’t 40 hours per week enough?


Two conversations with one of my co-workers today.

Coworker: I hate ____ program, it never works!
Me: What’s the problem?
Coworker: It never seems to let me print
Me: walks over to his computer and opens printer app that has error message It looks like it’s out of paper.

Coworker: Chris, how do I add folders in outlook?
Me: You right click on it.
Coworker: It’s not seeming to work…
Me: What are you right clicking on?
Coworker: my mouse…



The continuation of crappy tools- I screwed myself some years back by buying a crappy weed whacker. I’ve used plenty of forestry/lawn/garden tools and absolutely know better, but I got a ryobi anyways because I have a propensity for dumbness.

So I yanked my arm off fiddling with every thing that could be fiddled with until it finally started. Now I just don’t want to use it. What I really want to do is beat it off of the ground into little pieces then melt those little pieced into one big clump. Then throw that clump into the garbage, otherwise the wife will insist that I try to fix it.

I should have bought a stihl or a husqy.


“Do you mind going to this folder?”
“Now open blah.docx”
"Okay click on the office button "
"Uhhh… change printer to blah "
“Now settings…”
“Hmm… go back and…uhh”

“What is it you want done?”

“Print in colour with a staple”

“Okay, I’ll work it out, next time just ask for that”


Partner, browsing phone: “This adjustable wrench is only $1.50, much less than that set of wrenches.”
note to self: go shopping alone


At least you know better. Now just to act on it!


I have this old high school, uh, acquaintance I’m friends with on various social media. She posts pics of herself in a waist train with the hashtag #squeezemeskinny



You posted a photo of yourself in a waist trainer yesterday, no?



And let me tell you, no witty hashtag will erase that image from my mind for quite some time! Haha


Hardy har har…


More of a leather corset really.


Jokes, everybody’s got joke… @dchris what was your bet, again? You gonna make it?


What did I miss?