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Things That Piss You Off


Employees (with the caveat that in a small town it is a struggle to find good employees, at times)

I have an employee who works the minimum to be considered full time, that individual now wants the schedule shuffled around to accommodate a 1-2 hour Bible Study during their normal schedule, “That’s fine,” I say, “but you will most likely need to pick up a few hours 2 Saturdays a month to keep your full time status, this is how we can flex the schedule to help meet your needs.”

Employee: “Well I could come in earlier and do…something.”

Me: “Yes, but then I am paying for extra hours that we are not open when it isn’t necessary.”

Employee: “Um…let me think about that.”

TL:DR - Employee asks for schedule shift where they voluntarily lose hours, offered to make up hours, possibly too inconvenient.


I’ve had a project mate do that in school. Dude just bailed on the final presentation entirely. Best part is, the lecturer just gave him a pass because that’s what “a good Christian boy should do”. It’s absurd. When you have bible study sessions 3/4 times a week and you’re still somehow lacking in common decency.

For the record, I’m not hating on religion on anything. I’ve done the whole church/bible study shebang.


The DOT, in all its wisdom, has made it illegal to distribute blue brake fluid. I guess this is old news, but I needed it recently. One company used to make a blue version, which made flushing your brake fluid extremely easy as you could distinguish the blue or yellow (alternate them at flushes) fluid coming out the caliper, so you’d know exactly when the new fluid had displaced the old. Apparently all brake fluid is required to be clear to amber in color, for consistency purposes. Because most people apparently keep a collection of unlabeled clear containers in their garage, and go by color for what to pour where. And nothing else is clear/amber colored in a car… I’m so glad the government could save me from this.