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Things That Piss You Off


Employees (with the caveat that in a small town it is a struggle to find good employees, at times)

I have an employee who works the minimum to be considered full time, that individual now wants the schedule shuffled around to accommodate a 1-2 hour Bible Study during their normal schedule, “That’s fine,” I say, “but you will most likely need to pick up a few hours 2 Saturdays a month to keep your full time status, this is how we can flex the schedule to help meet your needs.”

Employee: “Well I could come in earlier and do…something.”

Me: “Yes, but then I am paying for extra hours that we are not open when it isn’t necessary.”

Employee: “Um…let me think about that.”

TL:DR - Employee asks for schedule shift where they voluntarily lose hours, offered to make up hours, possibly too inconvenient.


I’ve had a project mate do that in school. Dude just bailed on the final presentation entirely. Best part is, the lecturer just gave him a pass because that’s what “a good Christian boy should do”. It’s absurd. When you have bible study sessions 3/4 times a week and you’re still somehow lacking in common decency.

For the record, I’m not hating on religion on anything. I’ve done the whole church/bible study shebang.


The DOT, in all its wisdom, has made it illegal to distribute blue brake fluid. I guess this is old news, but I needed it recently. One company used to make a blue version, which made flushing your brake fluid extremely easy as you could distinguish the blue or yellow (alternate them at flushes) fluid coming out the caliper, so you’d know exactly when the new fluid had displaced the old. Apparently all brake fluid is required to be clear to amber in color, for consistency purposes. Because most people apparently keep a collection of unlabeled clear containers in their garage, and go by color for what to pour where. And nothing else is clear/amber colored in a car… I’m so glad the government could save me from this.


Because so many websites have shite security, my email address is available on the internet.

Companies now allow people to use their online services without verifying the email.

Against my email I have discovered active Spotify, Ashley Madison, Audible plus some others accounts I never heard off.

Dont allow people to use your shit until their verified dammit!! It’s a constant cat and mouse game


Having to show up to school on time on each Wednesday even when I don’t have class til 12:40 (all free periods) so I’m waiting doing nothing or studying for nearly four hours!


Would kill for this lol


even if you had no one to talk to or socialize with during that time?


You’re still talking my language! Lol



:joy: haha. I must so piss ya off! Oh, the humanity! Have you ever heard of traumatic brain injuries? You’d seriously be hatin on someone who got flipped in close-courter combat and flipped on head by instructor irritating? You need to do some self-reflection,too. No hugs fo you…or what about people with dyslexia…



Is this for me? I don’t hate, I just think the cartoon is funny. I mean, it is funny.

I’m married to a dyslexic guy. He’s in charge of wiring, plumbing, construction, rodent removal, chopping firewood, and investigating any concerning noises that may occur in the night.

I’m in charge of writing prettily and knowing how to spell the names of our family members, since google can’t be trusted for that (Him: “How do you spell Landon?” Me: “L-A-N-D-O-N.” Him, squinting at it: “You sure?”).

My favorite text from him said “I feel you wind.” It came when he was out of town for work, so I assume it was something romantic. I don’t know whether he was doing voice or whether he wrote it and it auto-corrected, but I probably spent 10 minutes trying different variations on what could have been the correction. “I feel your wind?” No. “I feel you whined?” No, we weren’t in the middle of an argument. “I feel your mind?” Hmm, probably not, though that would be nice. “I seal…something?”

He couldn’t tell what it was, either, even after studying it for a bit.

I am critical of my own writing, though, and cringe when I see mistakes after something is already sent or posted or in a chart at work or whatever.


It’s all good cuz ya qualified your post. I’ve left thread cuz I have only so much energy. But yeah for us hyposensitve (embarrassing but honest)peeps try to not hate on another’s circumstances unless you qualify it. It’s not “our” faults but circumstances


The best part of this meme is that the ‘thug’ is wearing a Dodgers hat.



The really best part of it is that I don’t think that “Edward” is a sentence, and therefore should not have the period after it, though I could be mistaken. Also, there’s some sort of gratuitous punctuation at the end of the statement, an apostrophe or European quotation mark or whatever.

Mostly I just like it because I’m fussy, like Edward, and also use the word “motherfucker” when I’m feeling “street.” Plus it fit in with the post I replied to. (Where is that guy, anyway? He should be taking the heat for this!)


Funny enough, my wife likes to say that to me sometimes too. Last night she walked up to me and said “listen motherfucker, I asked you to take the fucking garbage out 10 minutes ago.” She’s totally joking and you’d never think she’d say it. I always respond with “do you have something to tell me?” …as we don’t have kids.


Nobody says motherfucker better than an in-his-prime Eddie Murphy.


…laying low -which is always, always, the smart thing to do when a woman might, possibly, perhaps, be angered by some innocent act which I might, or might not have, perpetrated…

So, what are your feelings wrt the Oxford comma, or ellipses? Motherfucker.





No way Eddie Murphy is as “street” as me and dchris’ wife. Jackson…maybe.