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Things That Piss You Off


I believe it's "F-in with me cuz Imma teen-agah, widda little bitta gold ana pag-ah, searchin my cah, lookin for da chronic, thinkin every ni99a is sellin narcotic."


"they rather see me in da pen than me an Lo-ren-zo rollin in a Benz-o"


If it was paper instead of pager I would get it...I wouldn't understand...but I'd get it.


Translated for Nards:

I believe those uniformed officers are executing a traffic stop due to the hue of our skin and possibly our status as minors. These lawmen seem to have an interest in our jewelry, dental enhancements and small telecommunications devices.

In addition, they have expressed genuine concern in making sure no obstructions will prevent our safe egress from this legally-obtained vehicle. Thus far, this has been an enjoyable ride with my friend Lorenzo, and I certainly feel that law enforcement also appreciates the camaraderie we share.


Mirth and merriment my good sir! I have always had difficulty understanding yon savages and their ignoble speech.


racist much?


How the motherfuck is that racist?


Capitalize the first letter in a sentence. Put a period at the end of a sentence.


how in the hell is that racist? lololol



Similiar to this, the reset button. I've pressed it with my palm (I have a laptop) more than a couple times and had entire posts disappear.


On the right hand side. ON THE SHOULDER. Mexifornia for ya.


was that you?

Sorry Dwarf.

Still friends?


Very Bill Maher. I love it.


Haha. I was trying to be clever, it failed miserably. OJ(African American) + yukyukyukk(disgust) = racist




No worries.


LOL! Ye tried Jumpman, ye tried! ^^



Staying on the OJ topic..(Last one, I pwamis)

OJ = murder = heisman
Bush = received improper benefits = no heisman

That kinda piss me off.


jskrabac's avi.. I swear I lose 5-10 minutes everytime..

See it happend again...damned bouncing titties!


squat rack curls


Ha! You changed it!