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Things That Piss You Off


UNA campus police.


UNO Police.

You accidentally draw 3 instead of 4 and you're labeled for life. Motherfuckers


The police.




The taste of OJ after brushing my teeth.


My problem isn't with them as a whole but Stew Copeland can suckit.


My problem with them all started when NWA told me "Fuck the Police".
Or perhaps it started with the onset of my raging public nuisance alcoholism.


MC Ren was a convincing dude


Isn't he still in jail?



All the stupid nicknames for weights at the gym... And the people who use them


Recording all my awesome training, complete with witty commentary... and having it disappear when I hit submit.
I so T-hate that!

Oh, and adults who use the term "retard" to describe stupid people. Just say dumb-ass, it's a lot less offensive.


It's the equivalent of nearly $11 a gallon here (our gallons are also bigger than your gallons, don't ask me why)


I hate that to.


Your a idiot.


CD cases.....stupid things are basically made to break on sight.


Back in the early 90s we had this commercial for life insurance in Canada...you only need to watch the first 15 seconds to tell me what's wrong with it.


When driving on the highway and striving to maintain a safe following distance, and some idiot passes and quickly gets in front of me.


When me and Lorenzo are chillin' in the Benzo and the fuzz pull us over for having a little bit bit of gold and a pager...



Lyrics from that new fangled hippity hop music...I know a man of your distinguished nature and age wouldn't understand :wink: