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Things That Piss You Off


Everything, because it is Passover, so I am on a forced carb - depleted state and generally hypoglycemic and pissed off.


People who don't realize that some cultures suck (like ones that cut off women's female parts and stone them for being raped --- you know, because that's adultery).

(not you; your post just reminded me)



I am so tempted to say "Yes, I do. He needs to come and mow my lawn and make me a tortilla."

But I won't. That would be rude.

(BTW: If you are going to worship the guy, the carpenter's name from Nazarath was (is for Christians) "Yeshua," as in "Joshua." Theology aside, get the name right.)



  1. Starbucks wifi
  2. My bald spot

  3. Meg Griffin




"shut up Meg..."


People doing the Dougie wrong.

Only Reggie Smith does it right.


People who honk if you aren't already in the intersection 1.5 seconds after the light turns green. CUT THAT SHIT OUT!


Headphone cables. Why the fuck can't they go ahead and universalize a standard tangle-free headphone cable?! It can't be THAT hard surely! ><


Maggie Gyylenhaal.

Do a Google image search for her , then do one for "oatmeal" and you get the same results for the first 2 pages.


Thanks for that. First good laugh of a crappy day =)


Yes, when I speak Aramaic or Hebrew I say Yeshua. Otherwise, it's Jesus in English or Hey Zeus in Spanish.


My roommate...4 months till he moves out


people who piss on the seats at public restrooms.

people who talk on there cellphones in theaters.


the shitty pop music at my gym.

how much the price of milk has went up.

the shitty schizophrenic Alabama weather.


OMG the FRAKKING Price of GAS. $4.19!!!!!


People using the wrong word for [their, there, they're], and [to,too, and two].


the grammar police


And the Grandma police