Things That Piss You Off

Department politics

There’s a grad student here who’s a gossip. I was talking to her in confidence about my struggles with my advisor. She told my advisor :sob:

I asked my other phd friend and apparently this student had done the same to her

The last two times I’ve thrown out my back were because:

  1. I took an Ambien, had a really good night’s sleep, but didn’t roll over all night.
  2. I was brushing my tongue and gagged while I was bent over the sink.

Both times put me out of commission for about a week.


There’s always one. I’m generally guilty of keeping things too close to my chest but I think that, even if you don’t go to my lengths, holding off and getting close to a few people before telling them potentially damning material is a good idea, as a rule.

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I have thrown it out before loading the dishwasher but this feels a bit different. Not like it’s “thrown out” with a slipped disc. Hard to describe.

Only thing I changed was add in a few minutes of jump rope (on my workout padded flooring).

It’s hard to walk to this morning. I must be getting old now and my body can’t cope. Going to add in mobility/yoga work into my exercise routines.

Edit: Getting better as I walk around and move today (but I also took two aleve this morning). Yoga and stretching for the next few days is the Rx.


Like the Nobel economist that said to just mint a 1 trillion-dollar coin to raise the debt ceiling and that it wouldn’t contribute to inflation.

Brilliant idea. Pull a magic coin out of your ass. All of the problems solved!

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This will go for work places as well, never trust co-workers with comments about the company or bosses.

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Saw that this morning … that’s some Zimbabwe shit right there

I forget what communist hell-hole it was where they just decided to drop a few zeros from their currency and it’ll help … morons

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Mine has been iffy for many weeks now after being laid up for a while.

The mobility & prehab stuff definitely helps.


My kids gave me pinkeye and it’s miserable.


Child molesters and child abusers that aren’t mutilated and dead.

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Dbl shoulder impingement.


Yeah. That sucks monkey balls

Information required for a week of summer camp at the Y. We’ve completely lost our minds.

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I’ve resorted to putting in BS in stuff that is required but that I refuse to answer.

My kid’s school wants their SSN information (optional thankfully) but I don’t trust that their firewall is strong enough to protect that data.


Probably a good idea. My SSN has been compromised at least twice due to a data breach.


Mine too.

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It most definitely is not
Source: friends who do work in privacy

I am reading a book on quantum computing right now (“Quantum Supremacy” by Michio Kaku) and whoever can make quantum computing commercially viable will instantly destroy all current encryption protocols.


Quest Diagnostic Labs

Been a week since my blood draw for quarterly labs and I still don’t have results…
For how much they charge I expect faster feedback.


Its always taken about a week for me