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Things That Piss You Off

I found it cringey and somewhat amusing

Same, haha. I’m serious when I say I felt, what would it be, second hand embarrassment? I’d actually posted the same thing in another thread before seeing you’d done it. Just a very awkward video.


This. The lack of awareness is amazing.

The school wifi…

I feel like you meant to put “wi-fi” in quotations

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I submitted my 9th complaint to the tech office today.
It took a full hour for me to connect and I nearly missed an important meeting with my advisors

Only slightly more efficient than a government office

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My initial idea was to write a little model where I set up a market for bandwidth, then I realized that it would be useless since comp sci school would just buy all of it since they have a lion’s share of resources and demand

Mosquitos piss me off… From the high pitched noises they make when they fly to the irritation ensued after they bite you

They’re just the worst.

I bring this up because I’m in my room, on my.phone and it’s pitch black as I like to sleep with my blinds closed and my door closed. The darker it is, the more conducive an environment is for sleep (to me). Suddenly I hear a high pitched noise, an insect flickers into vision

What do you know… It’s a MASSIVE mosquito. A now very dead mosquito…

I’m going to wake up with like 6969 mosquito bites tomorrow.

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…unless the business school nerds bought it all first to drive the price up and sell it off in chunks to the highest bidder hahaha

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That’s a problem though, because the supply of bandwidth is artificially limited by the school’s contract with the current provider.

The business school would get profit but still wouldn’t get the wifi

yea, but they’re the business school so I’d imagine they’d use those profits to build their own ISP and wifi …

:thinking: my school does have a top ece program…
But the school would shut the project down since they’re locked into the contract
Comp sci could also outbid us in hiring ece. If ece did develop better WiFi, business wouldn’t have anything to sell

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As of right now, this whole fucking day is pissing me off.

Finally getting over a bad cold.
I haven’t had a cold since the beginning of COVID back in March 2020.
Maybe there is something to this mask thang…

My kids’ school 7th grade PE teacher and elementary age athletic director is at least 50 lbs (I am being nice) overweight…

Do we not think this might be an issue?



my neck…
I slept weird yesterday and woke up with my neck stiff and buggy. managed to get to somewhat sorted out for deadlifts and the pain went away by the end of my warmup… BUT… now the pain is back and my left arm is somewhat numb… :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

When you take the time to give a friend a solid diet and entire training program, along with offering to help them get into the swing of things at the gym - just for them to literally never use anything you just game them. Or better yet, to respond “I think i’m just going to tone instead”.


One of my roommates took my fucking ribeye steaks out of the freezer and left them out on top of the refrigerator last night. They must’ve did that to make room for that big ass bag of pizza rolls. I’d be mad but at least I can have an awesome breakfast now lol.