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Things That Piss You Off

My girlfriend’s family’s church’s pastor just died. I think he was only in his 50s, maybe early 60s. He hadn’t been vaccinated, as far as I know took no precautions like wearing masks or avoiding large crowds, and was hospitalized for probably at least a month, and ended his life on a ventilator while his kidneys (I think) failed him. (Let me express: it’s horrible to have to die in that way and I feel sorry for his family and congregation.) A few days later though, boom, hundreds from the community show up for his funeral at his church, not a mask in sight. I’m sure most of the crowd was elderly too.

Not meant to be political! If you disagree with masks, vaccines, etc. whatever, not the point I’m trying to make. Just could relate to @cyclonengineer’s feelings and that story was on my mind already.

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Yep, I am not trying to make a political point either with this one. Just describing my frustrations.

I get where you’re coming from, but what’s more likely to prevent a rape: showing a rapist the second list, or women being on their guard for creeps? The first list isn’t victim blaming whatsoever, IMO.


This… Victim blaming is disgusting.

There is no excuse for a rapist sexually assaulting a woman alone at night because she is alone, dressed provocatively… Whatever.

On the other hand, why is it so offensive if I say “BUT, people should learn to avoid putting themselves in risky situations because disgusting psychopaths exist in this world”.

Going to a nightclub without close friends, dressing provocatively and getting blackout drunk isn’t a smart decision to make.

Walking home alone past midnight in a high crime neighbourhoods isn’t a good idea (whether male or female)

Perhaps don’t invite your resident neighbourhood drug dealer into your house when no one else is home… Better yet, how about not associating with someone who sells hard drugs? That profession isn’t exactly known to consist of the most morally apt demographic.

No one deserves to get raped, but is it THAT terrible for me to also say “stay street wise, try not to put yourself in risky situations. Carry pepper spray… Or a gun if you can.”

Before I’m told “this doesn’t happen” in terms of the nightclub reference… I’ve literally seen this exact scenario unfold… multiple times, though no one was assaulted. I knew someone (actually two people) who were actually raped through the drug dealer scenario I’ve outlined.

Rape is abhorrent, absolutely disgusting. I’d go as far as to say I’d support castration for the perpetrators. But what about common sense? In terms of self defence, mugging and the likes we tell people to avoid high crime areas late at night, we tell people to stay vigilant, we say “learn self defence, learn how to use a gun (if in America, Israel etc)”.

Why is it considered wrong to apply the same principles to rape?

It’s not victim blaming, it’s advocating for risk prevention. Yet in our current sociopolitical climate I can’t state the obvious or I’ll be called out as being misogynistic.

A rapist isn’t the kind of person who typically cares about right or wrong. A list saying “don’t rape people” isn’t going to matter to a rapist, chances are they’re well aware they are a piece of shit… They just don’t care… that’s a psychopath for you

If I’m wrong… Please tell me why I’m wrong

  • the more attractive you are, the higher the likelihood of getting hit on
  • risky environments elevate the risk of an adverse outcome
  • Use common sense; because bad people exist. There’s a reason hitchhiking was phased out …
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I think you’re right, but the list is a bit of tongue and cheek humor directed at a very serious subject.

It kind of flips the script (well, not kind of. It completely does) on the long running and trite old narratives surrounding sexual assault.

I don’t think it was ever intended as an actual rape prevention reference, but if applied would certainly be effective because It puts the onus of responsibility on the actor instead of the victim.


It pisses me off that @mnben87 is slamming down Panda Express and lookin jacked and joozy at the same time.


All lighting bra (embracing the inner bro lol). I wish I looked like that lol. I just had some pictures taken at a wedding. I was like, I might not ever wear that shirt again lol. Looked total dad bod.

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I feel that deep in my soul, not on the same level you are on but the struggle is universal :joy:

To make you feel better, here is the picture I’m talking about. I used to like that shirt.



Definitely throw it away!


great physique, pls destroy the shirt


One of my knucklehead roommates puts plastic utensils in the kitchen sink while there’s a large kitchen garbage can 2 feet away. It’s just so stupid that it makes me a bit agitated…. like why?

Does he ever wash them? We’ve reused plastic kitchenware at times.

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Wth is wrong with you man :joy:

These are proper wedding clothes (first wedding ive been to :joy:)


Yes! Thank you. It’s satirical, but I think it makes a good point. These serene-but-perky advices to women are perceived as care taking, but “Remember, ladies, use the buddy system!” is insulting. Like, shut the fuck up, I am neither an imbecile nor a child.

And frankly, I think there’s a place for equal-but-opposite idiot-talk, because “remember not to rape!” repeated often enough may seep into the consciousness the way the banality above has. “Hold your keys in parking lots, girls! You may need to use them as a weapon!”

Every bit of it pisses me off, frankly. The anti-rape tips for men make as much sense to me as “no ATM runs in the evening.” Not because rape isn’t a thing, but because these add insult to injury. The script is the same in both: “remember not to get raped!” vs “remember not to rape!”


Nah they get thrown out

The rape whistle one keeps getting me. I keep picturing a bunch of common scenarios suddenly interrupted by a shrieking whistle and one guy looking at the other going “Wtf?”

“Oh, that’s Bob again. He’s trying a new employee retention strategy HR recommended…”.



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taxi rip off pricing when travelling. 2x15 mins in Luxemburg… EUR 130!!!


Does this “piss you off”?