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Things That Piss You Off


I think “why” was the implied question.


A lot of folks are turning these into RVs or mobile tiny homes


Haha yeah, I assumed so. My phone died during the 20 minute load to post that picture so I had to switch to my computer.

@cyclonengineer - Only one mechanic in my town is a bus “expert.” They do perfectly good work, at what I think are reasonable prices, so I don’t feel a need to switch (and I can’t really), I just like it when someone talks me through things. Like, my family has always gone to Valvoline for oil changes. My dad knows how to do it himself, and has before, but we normally take it in, especially in the winter, just cause it’s a tiny bit less of a hassle, like when it comes to getting rid of the oil, and you’re in and out in less than 10 minutes (at least you are in my town). Anyway, they’ll pull the dipstick out once they’re done, and actually show you where it should be marked before putting it back in. It is not something I need done, but I like it. It just makes me a tad bit more pleased with the work that was done.

@SkyzykS - It’s a party bus. People get on, get drunk, I blast some music and have some colored lights flashing, and drive them around. I bought it from a coworker a few weeks ago, in the hopes that it would raise my income and decrease the amount of time I need to spend actually working, so that I can spend more time with family and working on school. So far, it’s been a success. Finished up the last three rides the previous owner had already scheduled, and did one of my own. Expecting it to be a little slow now until next spring, but so far, barring any major, costly repairs, it should turn out to serve my purposes.

At some point, when it gets too old to run (it’s a '98, but I’ve heard well maintained diesel engines can run for a long time, no clue how true that is) or when I’m just done doing the business, I’ll either sell it, or what I’m currently leaning towards, buying a small plot of land out in the country, parking it out there, and turning it into a “skoolie” that I can go out and “camp” in.


They sure can. It is common to see semi trucks being sold used at 500,000-1,000,000 miles. Diesel maintenance does seem to cost a lot more though.

Hmmmm, have you considered that the man was terrified and was trying to get the guy with scary AF bus out of his shop as quickly as possible so he doesn’t end up in the bus’ freezer? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s pretty cool!

A buddy of mine has a business like that. They do all kinds of events, sports outings, shopping destinations, etc.

For me mechanical problems are a lot like health. I just ignore them until something really blows up, then take it to a professional and learn as much as I can about it from some guy on YouTube. :rofl:

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My bus is around 294k, so I should be good for a while.

Didn’t know that. We’ll see how much my oil change bill is. I suppose that’ll give me some comparison to a car’s costs.

Dude, this is the FUN BUS!!! It actually has that written on the side of it, haha. People love it so much they decide to rent it on the day of their wedding, a day they will remember for the rest of their lives. Therefore, what they are really saying, is that they want to remember the FUN BUS for the rest of their lives. I’m bringing happiness, not fear.

Eh, I’m still on the fence about how I feel about providing a spot for people to get drunk at. It’s one of the reasons I stopped working at a bar. Lotta addiction amongst my loved ones, and I have strong feelings regarding alcohol (that I know are not widely held). Is it okay since all I’m technically doing is being paid to drive while they choose to conduct themselves however they please in the back, or am I contributing to an act I don’t generally agree with by being involved at all? And getting paid for it? Anyway, enough of that depressing rabbit hole though, haha.

The guy I bought it from had like three vehicles at one point. The bus, a smaller bus/large van, and a limo, I think. He might be moving though so he’s been getting out of the business, one vehicle at a time. I have one guy in town as my competition, and he doesn’t have anything as big as my bus, which is a great selling point. People can actually stand up, walk around, dance (there’s a pole in the back. First ride I did a middle aged man started grinding on it to Ginuwine’s Pony), and actually “party.” Limo’s are a little more subdued.

If I lived in a more urban area it’d be easier to do sports/shopping stuff. It’s a small town though so it’ll mostly be weddings, with maybe some region wide bar crawls, graduations, and 21st birthday parties thrown in. Who knows though. There’s a company in the area who started off with one bus and now have hundreds that do all types of things in the region. Owners are probably millionaires. Could be me in 10 years, if I want my life to revolve around bus driving, haha.


You should make it look like the battle bus from fortnite. 1000 percent guaranteed income boost.

How ever it shakes out, I wish you well. You seem pretty capable of making good rational decisions.

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If I wasn’t scared before, I am definitely scared now :grin:

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This, seen posted (by a woman) on FB. I know she and the author of the thing meant well, but seriously, in 2021?

Instead, let’s try:

rape tips


On a related note, grown men who are:

  • under 70
  • not accompanied by a child of similar age to my children
  • striking up conversations with my kids

Piss me off and get quickly barked away - I am okay with a friendly comment or quip and then moving on and store owners (in their store) get a free pass otherwise get away from my kid.

Edit: also police, firemen, paramedics, etc :grin:


Frankly, men over 70 can stay TF away from little kids, too, outside of the parameters you set for allowable interactions.


I don’t necessarily think it’s just a men’s thing.

Adults shouldn’t just walk up to other ppls children and strike up a conversation unless there’s a good reason to (ie quick greeting, parents are around and have given permission, an authority giving help like police, fire rescue, EMS,)

It would be less threatening if I (small Female) walked up to a young kid and started talking to them without their parents permission, but it doesn’t make it right

Makes me think of this.



Frankly, these types of advice mostly just make women feel unsafe at night. In actual fact, men are much more likely to be attacked, robbed, beaten, shot, or murdered. And the frequency with which those things happen is far higher than the rate at which women are raped in crimes of opportunity by strangers.

Men don’t feel safe walking alone at night because they are safer. Some combination of men being told they are safe and natural belief in their own combat skills makes men think they are safe. And we teach women to worry that if they stop to pump gas after the sun has gone down, it’s a coin flip whether or not a creepy man will jump out of the shadows and have his way with them. It’s really kind of absurd.

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Panda Express has been pissing me off lately. Two times in a row a poor experience.

Last week I go to get a double teriyaki chicken meal (actually fairly healthy). Well I get it, and I ask for my teriyaki sauce. They then tell me they don’t have teriyaki sauce. Would have been nice to know that ahead of time. Plain chicken thighs isn’t why I came in.

Today, I show up at 11:15, they open at 11. They have a sign on the door saying that today they will open at 11:30. Okay, I go back to my car and scroll the phone a bit, upload a progress pic to my training log, whatever. There are a bunch of us all out in our cars waiting until 11:30. 11:30 rolls around, we all head towards the door. Last minute they changed the sign to 12. At least come out and tell all of us waiting that you aren’t going to open at 12. Or better yet, actually know when you can open. Don’t gamble with your customer’s time.

The gap between when deadlifts start getting challenging and when you are putting in (close to) an all out effort is way too large. Pisses me off :grin:

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This is why i hesitate to tell people I am a Christian:
U.S. pastors, advocacy groups mobilize against COVID-19 vaccine mandates (msn.com)

The amount of willful ignorance being displayed by many in the church is shameful.