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Things That Piss You Off

Ahh I see.

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Alexa already told us everything about you.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Batman knows your browsing history.

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Mum nearly got into an accident this morning bc some idiot was FILMING herself while driving- probably some live-streaming bs

I hope that narcissistic bitch crashes into a lamppost or tree. Let natural selection do it’s job


Why do I have to pay for streaming content of Google Play/iTunes before I watch it? Charge me when I hit play or make it easier to get a refund (like a return button that goes away when I hit play).

Basically my wife bought an SD movie which has restrictions I don’t like and having that changed to HD was a royal pain in the ass.

This is probably the best thread on this site (barring all the other amazing ones, of course). I was just typing something out that “pissed me off” and realized that, no, it did not, in all actuality, piss me off.

Quite actually, I’M being an asshole. This is probably one of the most cathartic, self-exploratory threads ever.

On top of that, it’s almost a safe space to air out those petty, bullshit thiings that, well, irrationally piss us off.

And if you want to know what pissed me off to start typing a reply: 5th grade graduations…yea, see why I saw I was being an asshole?

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What?!? They held you back again?!? I can see why you’re pissed. :grin:

Sorry, had to be done otherwise they’d take my children away.


one of the perks of living in the UK I guess :wink:


When a female gym member wears a baseball cap with a huge bent bill pulled down because “she Has to focus on Her workout”, yet her workout attire is ‘spray paint’ , not enamel, but lacquer pulled up cracks, etc. Give. Me. A. Break. Fortunately, ‘few’ have that hypocritical set up.
A gym manager described how one complained about being looked at, and he told her, “Dress normally, or be looked at.”
I’ve witnessed women whose gym attire is average, but when they show you their contest photos, it’ll knock you out.

Why do other peoples clothes piss you off?


Is your username reflective of the ancient symbolisation of a serpent or the sick technical death metal band Ouroboros? I’m hoping it’s the latter

We did up our kitchen over the COVID period. Replaced cupboards with draws on the ground (except under the sink) because that’s stylish.

Putting pans in draws pissed me off. They are quite a frustrating thing, the handle to the pan get jammed in there and you can’t open the draw. Once in a while it’s jammed Inna way that you need to take the draw above out.

Now, as a community service I want to share that I found a work around. I started to place the pans facing down and it just can’t happen now.

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I’ve asked people this question many times too


When the neighbourhood sprinklers go off the morning after a thunderstorm. Like WTF :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: what a waste of water. There’s severe droughts going on!!!

The sprinklers are controlled by the neighbourhood so I can’t even turn them off

Checkout out how much food is thrown away each year by western grocery stores. The number is staggering.


That reminds me. I was at a grocery store a couple of days ago and saw a guy taking out the “trash”.

more than half the stuff being thrown out was perfectly good! Sure, not the freshest, but perfectly good!
I offered to buy some of it but he said “it’s trash”

Time to go dumpster diving.


Can’t even do that anymore, most dumpsters are either sealed to the building or locked. I honestly think it’s sad. I watched one day as walmart employees dumped carts of live plants in a dumpster and compacted them. Would rather kill them than mark the price down… sad, sad, sad.


This makes me want to cry. I can barely stand bouquets because the flowers die.

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