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Things That Piss You Off


Soooooo…I took your advice. Was kinda hoping you knew of any place that was hiring?

Preferably any that would overlook a pending assault charge??


Oddly enough, my wife’s place. And she’ll get a nice little perk in the next paycheck when you sign.

Oh, sorry about the whole “throw a garbage can at her” thing. Good people are hard to find and sometimes you gotta be a little bit creative to get people through the door.


The fact that the Oscar’s “gaff” is dominating headlines.

Really people, it really does not matter that Warren Beaty can’t think his way out of a wet paper bag…


Bread and circuses. Nothing changes.


Pretty much …


Whoa…it wasn’t his fault.


You dirty sunnuva


-People that assume they know how I think.
-Music during porn…seriously, who the fuck ever decided that it in any way enhances it!
-Fiddly shit…my big Gorilla hands can’t handle it!!!
-Instruction manuals that are clearly not very INSTRUCTIONAL.


an antifreeze leak that i cant find~ hate that~


Is that on your car or mine, because I can’t find one anywhere?


Unreliable workers (show up late, “mis-read” the schedule, leave the door wide open to the business overnight…small stuff like that.)


Water in the basement. Also knowing that I have to dig a french drain and waterproof that wall from the outside this spring.


But…basement_gainz… love thy basement, heh heh heh


It’s leaking into your cylinders because the head gasket has rusted out. Have you gone to an autoparts store and rented a leak detection kit?


I am pissed off by food-service employers that don’t want you to work as much as you want to work. Got laid off for almost two weeks after my first few days of training, another few days and now off for another few while they train new people. I have to call them to get hours because as of yet they haven’t contacted me.

A second job is essential at this point


The fact that some advertisers algorithm thinks I’m over 50 with a tagline “If you’re a male and over 50, then this advertisement’s for you…”

Motherfucker, I’m only 34; you need to tighten up that algorithm, son…

No, I am not showing signs of prostate cancer…


It’s obvious by the tone of your post that you need to go to the bathroom. That’s okay, go ahead. We’ll wait here.


Prostates usually fluctuate in size right? That’s normal and healthy … I’ll just keep believing that


The fact that I am even taking my time to respond to this bonkers thread and having read it all at 4:07AM and found nothing but a few good lists and the rest being just back and forth among everyone.


What is this ‘les mills’ thing I keep seeing advertised? Is it some sort of girl-on-girl orgy in a textile factory? It pisses me off when I see admittedly jacked people selling an exercise program that they obviously don’t follow.