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Things That Piss You Off


I get pissed off when my neighbors are fighting and they aren't loud enough for me to hear what they are fighting about. There are currently three apartments where the occupants have regular fights, but I have no idea what they are fighting about.
Grrr, fight louder!


Overuse/misuse/inappropriate use of the words "awesome" and "epic". Not everything is epic you fucking shitheads!


Shit drives me insane, man.


Half the people posting in the Osama Bin Ladens Dead thread... And Rashard mendenhall





Someone needs to make a Rashard Mendenall "Ur an idiot? Yeah, ur an idiot" meme/pic


People who give advice based on the old me and don't take into consideration that I'm a new person and changing constantly. "Oh I thought you were like this...".


Youtube comments.




Tyler Perry and the people who enjoy his "comedy"


I’m (still) pissed off because the police confiscated my favourite shirt because it had the other guy’s blood on it for ‘evidence’.


I hate when people bleed on me. Makes me want too punch them in the face again. :slight_smile:


When people walk right by the sign in the gym asking you to politely take off your muddy shoes and proceed to track mud/snow/clay across the gym.


People who wear an offensive amount of perfume/cologne at the office.


Self proclaimed intellectuals who quote Huffington Post.


Socialists who claim the Scandinavian model got it right … bruh, that ain’t socialism, it’s a market based welfare state. Get yo facts right…


People who call me a misogynist because my wife spends all her time at home and in the kitchen. Fuck you. She’s enjoying herself. I’m the one who has to suffer her cooking.


For real lady, there’s about 30 feet and a wall between us. HOW CAN I STILL SMELL YOUR REVOLTING PERFUME???


My wifes workplace has a rule about overwhelming perfume. They send people home for that.

Test to see if she’s just using it to cover up the booze. Throw a garbage can at her. If it hits her, she’s drunk.