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Things That Piss You Off


Using myself as a case study would make it 100%. Especially when opening anything with ziplocks or tabs.


How many of those 99% used it purposefully to elicit that response? I feel like it's gotta be pretty high.


Especially when worded as such...

"I said...CALM. THE. FUCK. DOWN!!!!"


This sentence no verb.





A wise man once said, "If you have to tell someone to calm down TWICE, you need to re-asses your level of thuggery."


Or immediately following some outlandish behavior or remark that could onlu incite UNcalmness.

PS your absence from TILF has been noted with displeasure.


Women leaving the toilet seat down. So inconsiderate.




Don't assume that we're all getting worked up and raising our blood pressure or anything.

Is there anything that irks you?


After saving for two weeks, i finally got enough money to buy me a nice set of headphones. Now that i have, my fucking mp3 player dies! That pisses me off so god damn much!

It was a piece of shit anyways..


You know what pisses me off? The fact that I can't play the fucking drums for an hour without going through at least a pair of sticks every single time. I buy the cheap ones for $5 a pair and I buy the expensive ones at $20 a pair and everything in between, and yet nothing is strong enough for me. What the fuck? 5b, 2a, 2b fucking treetrunks, nothing works for me.


What pisses me off today is the fact it's the 24th anniversary of when I got married and it took me 23 years to realize how much of a control freak she really was... There goes half my life...


I had to log on just to respond to this one. When I'm shopping at 'discount' grocery stores, I bag my own because the cashier doesn't. That's one of the reason the prices are so reasonable. However, when I get groceries at a higher end grocery store, I get pissed when the teenage girl looks at me like I'm going to bag my own stuff. The high prices better cover someone putting my shit in a bag. There's an expectation of service that goes with the price.

On another note, Teledin, where did you get your avatar picture? I'm looking for a few drawings like that.


My nickname in high school was Tepid Mess.


I thought it was Sean, Sean...

you had a lot of nicknames didn't you? =P


Two days ago I got the rear brakes done on my wife's SUV at a friends house. I get home, park it, no problem. My son goes to borrow it ten minutes after I get home and the battery is deader than a door nail lol, WTF! Atleast it went dead in the driveway.

I'm a sloopy cook so after I'm done chopping up veggies I sweep the floor but no matter how well I clean up there ALWAYS seems to be an errant peice of green pepper or onion sticking to the bottom of my feet. Drives me fucking nuts.

Ever notice whenever you go to get the last bit of something out of the bottom of a jar the only clean knife is a steak knife! fucking hell!, can't get shit with that pointy end.


Google image search. Can't remember what I typed in, something like "powerlifting" or along those lines.


when food get stuck between your teeth, and then you get DOMS in your freaking TONG!