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Things That Piss You Off


I will say i feel so much better now. Have a lovely day :wink:


No, you're supposed to treat him exactly the same as some fat guy talking loudly about loving his girlfriend. Not that hard to understand.




You're pissed at people who have a chemical imbalance in their brains and take mood altering medications.

C'mon bro.


I really really doubt most of the people on pills have a genuine chemical imbalance. Maybe if they didnt sit at home all day doing nothing they would be happier. My friends mom is like that. Says shes depressed and doctor gave her pills. And this is a friend since the 2nd grade so i know his parents like my own. Back to his mom. When its 70 degrees its too cold. 75 and she says its too hot. All she does is watch soap operas. Doesnt even walk the dog. This lady DOES NOTHING!!! and when you do nothing you feel like nothing.


Well that's certainly true. The less you do the less you feel like doing.

That being said, most people don't understand these kinds of medications or why some people need them.


Well played Mauer....




This doesn't piss me off, but the thing where they talk about bacon everywhere is getting old.


In that same vein:

Overuse of the word "super" as in "Oh man, we had this SUPER awesome lunch at this SUPER awesome restaurant. It was SUPER awesome."

Along with the overuse of the phrase "Best __________ ever!"



I hear you! We have a few young American women at work and they use "super" as a modifier and it just seems so lazy to me.


I think you all need to calm down and just relax. People get worked up over way to much insignificant stuff.


If people start using bacon as an adjective I'm fucking stopping the internet!


Lame fuckers who liberaly pepper their interwebz conversations with the acronym "LOL"

Ugly, one legged, humpback, hairy, blind jewish lesbians with bad teeth and a propensity for nude gardening........no sir, don't like them at all.

Belgium.....because they share a border with the dutch.


Oh god that's the whole of my country New Zealand........the rising terminal inflection.
Actually it pisses me of too.....but I'm surrounded, so what's to do?


Oh, I went for a jog around the local track and I remembered this one: People that walk but put their arms up and swing them like they are racewalkers (who walk at about 7 mph) but they are walking the same speed as a normal person about their business. Just put your arms down and stop acting like you're beyond.


when people cant tell a story without fucking it up


Too much cursing.

I admire the occasional F bombs and MFers but please be selective. A curse word placed well in a sentence/conversation is golden and can make or break friendships.


Being told to calm down. I have researched this and it actually accomplishes the exact opposite effect about 99% of the time.