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Things That Piss You Off


I just throw the egg shells on the ground, so everyone can walk on them…


Got luck … my Doc was wrong. So maybe only two weeks now.


Surgeon had a different impression? What is it now?

Edit: wait, saw your log


I feel the pain. I went in to an ortho essentially just to get a referral for an MRI. Guy does an outrageously quick exam, says “IDK if you need it but OK”, turns out he wrote in the notes he doesnt think the MRI is needed so insurance won’t cover. Also turns out the asshole went on a 2 week vacation the following day so i either have to go see another ortho to get the referral, or wait another week for him to return and change his notes/referral. It literally costs him nothing and is GOOD PRACTICE to order another diagnostic test if the patient wants it, but his fucking ego got in the way.

It sucks when you don’t have history with a Dr, cause he probably thinks im a hyphochondriac, when in reality i just have a high pain tolerance, heal quick, and don’t swell or bruise easily. When i tell you my knee is unstable, feels like its gonna flap off, knocks, and had bruising over a ligament attachment, an X-Ray and visual exam isnt gonna cut it Doc!!!


Yeah it some frustrating crap… I had too dick with several weeks of rehab thanks to my insurance on a injury that I knew needed scoped.


This guy may in deed be a peckerhead, but I want to tell you that insurance companies keep metrics on providers. If a provider orders more (or less) tests or procedures than others in his area he will be scrutinized and possibly even be accused of malpractice. I don’t know about your specific case, but it is actually somewhat unusual to to MRI right off the bat.


The New York Department of Taxation.

I no longer live in NY/NYC. Nonetheless, they attempted to audit me and fine me for not paying NY income taxes. They do this to basically all higher-income people who leave NY, on the theory you will settle because a fair number of people live in NY, but pretend to live elsewhere.

Mind you, they had zero proof to support their allegations as to me personally (because I fucking moved), and wanted to go through all my debit/credit card statements, bills, voting records, pay stubs, etc, trying to find evidence that I live in NYC (and also to harass me, because I’ve been a complete dick to them over the years). Basically, they fish to try to force a settlement in bad faith.

I declined to provide the evidence and sued (advantage of being a lawyer). Because they are afraid of a ruling that they have to have SOME evidence of residence (and thus impacting their harassment of other ex-NYers), they immediately capitulated (but not after trying to seek a “settlement”).

They’re just thieves. I’m tempted to file a class action federal lawsuit on behalf of myself and other similarly situated.


Well, since they’re run by commies I’d wager they think your property is their property so…


That’s absurdly corrupt on so many levels. Amazing.


If you do start the class action suit. Advertise in Florida. That’s where you all went right? I love that after you sued they still tried to find a settlement to get a lil cash… might as well haha.

At least their harrassment of you is from malicious intent to get cash from you. The PA department of labor won’t stop sending me threatening letters that I’m delinquent on paying workers comp insurance… despite the business having no employees since Q4 2017 and me closing the business down with final returns and multiple notices. Sheer incompetence.


That poses an interesting question. Is it better for someone to do something stupid/harmful/silly out of malice, or out of incompetence? Or is it just the end results that matter, not the intention?


I’m going to have to go with malice being better. They’ll go away when they can’t steal. Incompetent people just don’t know and don’t know enough to stop.


That’s actually pretty racist. It’s 100% true, mind you. But still kind of racist.

And no, I did not go to Florida.

Those are all Democrats who fled NY to FL because of taxes, who vote Democrat in FL, and will shortly be wondering why FL turned into the shit hole like that from which they came.


There’s some decent arguments I can think of for all 3 options. I’ll counter that incompetent people can be educated, and may change their action once they realize it’s harmful, where malicious people will do whatever they can get away with.


I know you’re being facetious, but just to be clear I meant wealthy NYC residents… not Jewish people.

Damnit now I’m hungry for bagels or rye. Don’t think about Jewish delis while calorie deprived.


All true. And there is yet another category: maliciously ignorant people.

For example, the lady at the DMV when I registered my vehicles after moving, who (I believe) was intentionally dense when registering my cars. Refused to let me use my DL (because it was a new one, in paper (and old one NY was cut by DMV); but demanded photo ID. Passport in in Hebrew (and English). Didn’t have my US passport.

Refused the Israeli Passport because “Israel was not a country” or, alternatively “I’ve never seen an Israeli passport; I don’t know if this is legit.” (And refused to get her manager.) Happened to have two concealed handgun licenses (NY and new state), which she reluctantly accepted.

And no, she was not obviously Muslim. Black, with generic American name.


I like to think that category is relatively small… then I go on the internet and my fantasy is ruined.


Mossad repels in with a map of Israel, the country.



Was she overweight?


A little portly, yes. Looked like the SNL church lady, down to the horn-rimmed glasses, but black. Or maybe Delores Umbridge if you know Harry Potter.

Some sort of cloying powdered perfume or body powder I could smell over the counter.