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Things That Piss You Off


I occasionally walk around smiling in work-type contexts. I can’t help it; sometimes the things I’m thinking are so pleasing. A sadness is that I probably frown the most at home, where I have to track and remember things without the systems I have in place at work, e.g. went to the grocery store Friday and forgot salt and dishwasher soap, then had to crush fancy salt to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Can’t run dishwasher, etc.

I would much rather home be the place I wander around thinking happy thoughts, and I would definitely like my face to reflect my adoration of home and the people in it, but alas.


Oh, speaking of tracking things, was it in this thread that someone complained about a wife putting eggshells in the egg container and then back in the refrigerator, and everyone was like “what a monster!”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, and in fact it’s the exact right thing to do to avoid having a trail of egg slime from the cooking area to the trash.


Call me crazy but I put the egg carton on the counter right next to the trashcan. I move my mixing bowl there as well. Crack the egg, empty into container, throw away. No mess.

I also heard that you’re supposed to throw egg shells down the sink and run the disposal.


Infuriating part of American life:

People on freaking welfare/disability/free money from the government getting tax refunds.

A refund implies you paid something. I can’t help but think that these people are the lowest form of humanity possible. They do nothing but take. They’re leaches and provide nothing to society or mankind.


All the god damn time! Conversation goes like:

Them: what’s wrong?
Me: nothing
Them: what’s wrong!?
Me: nothing!
Them: just tell me!
Me: nothing’s fucking wrong!
Them: alright! Calm down, jeez…
Me: I was perfectly calm until ten seconds ago when you started getting in my face!

And for some reason I leave the conversation feeling like the bad guy.


Yep. I don’t quite get that far into it, but this used to happen with my wife. My final response was typically:

“Nothing is wrong but I’m starting to get pissed off about you telling me something it wrong.”

Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.


It’s incredibly weird and disgusting. Despite my continual pleads to stop, she still does does it.

You’re right, it’s best to have egg slime in the fridge that has leaked through a soggy carton.


Welcome to the modern world. I get a nice little statement through telling me where all my taxes go every year. Surprise surprise, about 40% is to pay for benefits (That’s English for welfare)


So here’s something that doesn’t irk me, annoy me or merely cause a small blip. It legite makes me irrationally angry: Tupperware.

Every time I go to find lids, the entire cabinet comes spilling out no matter how well it is stacked. And after way too long searching, still no lids!

Fuck Tupperware.


Tupperware is like socks… buy them in bulk duplicates. When I can’t match lids, they all get thrown away and I start over.


I seriously have never once had this happen. The most dire negative consequence - the only negative consequence - of doing this has been that egg slime gets on an intact egg and bonds it to the carton. This has happened maybe three times in my entire lifetime, and two of the three times a slight wiggle freed the bonded egg. The third time I stopped trying for fear of breaking the egg.

Garbage is beside the sink, baking occurs on an island. The stove is handy enough to the trash, but would still require either moving the stuff over 2-3’ for the purpose of egg-near-trash or making a 2-3’ slime trail.

Mine is really the best way to manage things.


I can’t believe the absurdity of this egg shell discussion. Just eat the egg shells and you have none of the issues mentioned so far.

For the record, I have a island and the bin is built into it. I return the egg shells to the carton and then I place all the cracked eggs into the bin all at once. This takes from all the suggestions so far and is the superior method, next to eating the egg shells of course.


Just eat a dozen eggs every time you eat eggs. No concerns about cartons. On the plus side it will make Vince Gironda happy.


I put them in the carton, but I have elite level egg cracking and emptying skills. I might lose a gram max of albumin per carton to residual adhesion.


This past Saturday morning:
Wife: What’s wrong?
Me: Nothing.
Wife: Are you mad at me?
Me: No.
Wife: Why are you mad?
Me: Dude, I’m not mad.
Wife: Don’t get mad at me for asking you why you’re mad!


What pisses me off… Spending $$ on some new items for my gym and turning around And being out of comission for the next 8 weeks easy


People assuming I am aggressive/angry etc… just because I am a big dude.

People who use the word “bro” repeatedly.


Really, really loving the eggshell discussion.

Side note: I keep a small bowl on the counter to put the shells in. When I’m all done, bring the bowl to the garbage, toss the shells, wash the bowl. Easy peasy.


Cheer up dog, you’ll be playing with your toys in no time lol


Y’all should compost your egg shells. You’re throwing away good calcium and magnesium.