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Things That Piss You Off


I was told that too. Then I heard a bunch of hatchlings chirping in a nest and had to climb up to see them, which is when the mother Bluejay swooped in and attacked my head.

Turns out they get pretty mad about that.


As an engineer, the interlocking metal teeth on escalators just strike me as a bad idea: the whole “get caught” scenario discussed above and then the danger of simply falling down a very straight and steep set of serrated metal steps.


They’re no joke. People get busted up pretty badly on them.

When I was very small (like 3 or 4) I remember the one at the big local mall. I would watch it with both fascination and terror.

Also, man I was easy to entertain.


The only running dreams I have is where I run as fast as I can but I only move very slowly. People jogging will catch me.


I used to have dreams like this - it’s been a while but I remember having the sensation that my legs were uber-heavy too while trying to run


I can’t even run. I can barely walk and have to drag myself with my hands along the walls like grabbing hand holds and pulling myself.

I mean in dreams. In real life I can walk just fine but run like a dork.


I fucking love my running dreams. In fact, I just posted in @ouroboro_s’ log about running being like a bad boyfriend I can’t quit even though he just keeps hurting me. The dreams are probably a factor in that. Because never once have I had an awesome dream about doing any of the less damaging cardio. The beta orbiter cardio!


I have these types of dreams but they’re in the context of physical combat. I’ll be in a fight and my punch is like slow motion and bounces off the guy (who never has a clear face). I’ve had others where my gun wouldn’t fire or I couldn’t press the trigger. I was trying but it wouldn’t come back and make the gun go boom.

I’m pretty sure they’re directly related to my subconscious fears… or real life fears.

I’m not really scared of dying but I’m afraid of not being able to fight off the bad guys either at work or at home. If I get killed in the line of duty I just hope I can fight back and at least wound the other guy/girl.


I used to have dreams of getting pulled into the chipper and spit out into the truck, except that I wouldn’t die and suddenly wake up. I’d just lay there in the truck chopped up but not dead.

Same with falling.


I have these dreams and I absolutely hate them. Sometimes I am so frustrated at myself in the dream that I wake up, pissed.

When I have super scary dreams of any kind now, I find that I can just say “no mas”, and wake myself up. Must be an old age coping mechanism…


Same dream, the trigger “stacks” to the point where I can’t press it far enough for it to go off. Or I’m fighting someone malevolent, and I hit them as hard as I can and they just laugh, like they barely feel it.

Sometimes I take the opportunity of them laughing to grab some foreign object to bludgeon them with, and the jokes on them.

The worst dreams for me are: something terrible is happening somewhere else and I by the time I get there it’s over, I’m too late to do any good.


So, during my accessory giant sets yesterday I was sweaty and the bar was slipping in the rack position for my front squats. No problem, I thought, and before the next set I chalked up my shoulders. Worked like a charm. Finished my accessory giant sets, moved on to conditioning, 20 minutes on the elliptical. Everything was fine until I leaned over to wipe the sweat off my face onto my shoulder, and huffed a lungful of chalk dust…

0/10, do not recommend.


People being late to something they set up or planned (without reason). If you say be somewhere at 6, that means we are ready to rock at 6, not arriving at 6(ish).


People who talk in ‘upspeak’. That thing where every sentence ends going up, like its a question. Fuck off with that unless you’re an Aussie.


I hear you man. If you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late.


Any update on the fingerprints?


Zero, ha! I’m sure it’s hard to lift fingerprints, and especially off of a material like paper (life isn’t like CSI…whaaaaat?) plus, it costs money, and in the grand scheme of things it is pretty low priority. But I really, really want to see the conclusion of it, ha. There are a few leads/potential candidates, but really, it’s going to have to be them screwing up for us to find out who it is.


Thats a shame, I love a dose of sweet justice. Do keep us updated though, would love for you to find out who it was.


Speaking of justice, and things that piss you off:

Driving down, late at night, to cornwall for a weekend away last weekend, Im in the fast lane overtaking at a reasonable speed and this massive truck speeds up behind me, driving 2 ft from my bumper at 80mph while flashing his high beams at me.

Obviously I don’t rush and just take my time in continuing my overtake, maybe I wait a coupe seconds extra to pull back into the middle lane, but it took all my self control not to slow down and / or brake check him.

Either way, he continues on past me and drives up to the next car in the fast lane and proceeds to tail gate and flash repeatedly.

This car, too, completes their overtake and lets the asshole truck past.

The beautiful part? The car that was just flashed at sudddenly lights up. Yep, it was a disguised police car. Asshole driver gets pulled over and I drive past roaring with laughter.


Now that is sweet justice, and damn near instant haha