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Things That Piss You Off



Seriously... my wife uses one and she says her tea stays hot for HOURS while at work.


It's a clit.


Fixed...I think.


Very few things actually piss me off, and it rarely happens. I don't know, but I try to put myself in their shoes and see where they're coming from.

It does piss me off when people take advantage of my kindness or other people's though.

But Im one of those quiet types though, so when I go off, its fucking on. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH


Did you just invent that????? GENIUS!


Lol,Derp on my part. Well played.


My about to be ex-wife telling me I will always be fat...


Mean people piss me off.


erectile dysfunction commercials


Erectile dysfunction


Don't have that problem :wink:


this X 1000


Awkwardly timed erections...antithesis of ED


Well I just went and bought a Thermos after seeing what you guys had to say about this astounding product....but I must say it just doesn't work.

You guys said it can keep hot things hot and cold things cold....well I put some coffee and a popsicle in it and now I've got a tepid mess!!!





College teachers that tell you if you dont make straight A's then you wont be successful in life, also these fucking 5'7 165 lb total zero's that make straight a's that cant look you in the eye when they talk to you, there afraid to eat red meat cause they think it gives you cancer, they make A's cause they sit in the home and do nothing cause they have no friends and yet these are the kids that im told are gonna be successful, fucking that.

Im also sick and tired of this bullshit sensitivity we have to deal with. You cant judge someone that is fat, They cant help it, you cant descriminate against gays cause they think they were born that way...She needs ton take anti depressents cause she is sad so be nice to her.......

No FUCK THAT, If your fucking Fat guess what! 95% of the time its your fault, get off your fat ass and go exercise, i dont feel bad for you at all.

The other day i was trying to study by the pool of my apt complex when some bleached hair fat pale gay comes and sits down 20 feet from me and cant stop talking loudly about how he loves his boyfriend, How was i suppose to react to this? was i suppose to just ignore it or maybe smile so he feels welcome.......No i stood up walked by him and said "You fucking disgust me" and threw my empty protein shake in the garbage harder then normal.

Im also pissed about how everyone is taking something to make them feel good, whether its anti depressants or other pharmaceutical drug that masks sadness helps you get through your day cause im sure your day is just so fucking hard that without those drugs you couldnt make it. Maybe your not depressed at all, maybe you wouldnt be sad if you werent so over weight, or actually had friends you can call instead of sitting in your room reading books wondering why no one calls you. Maybe you should care about your self image. Its funny, everyone i know that takes anti depressants is either fat, has a horrible diet, have no friends cause they CHOOSE to do nothing on there weekends but video games.

Your entire life is made up of choices, good and bad. If you dont like something get off your ass and do something. Its unfortunate that we live in a world where the people that are the most fuked up and corrupt are protected.


Tepid messes


For someone who is pissed about "bullshit sensitivity," youre really sensitive.


Long rants about the things that piss you off that only serve the purpose of exposing your views on: homosexuals, obese people, and political correctness.