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Things That Piss You Off


My truck still isn’t running so I’ve been getting a rental. I pick up my rental today, stop by office for a meeting and this old lady who was parallel parking rammed the shit out of my rental. Had to cancel meetings and deal with this fucking disaster.



Most places have laws against this thing type of thing. Facebook mostly cooperates with Law Enforcement, even without warrants, these days.

Put up a statement on your gym’s social media pages and at the entrance reminding your members about your stance on harassment. That it is your policy to terminate memberships and have the police called in.

If it doesn’t sort it out, call the police.


Absolutely, it has to do with a sports program here, I’m part of that coaching tree, not the gym. The police have just gotten involved and are going to finger print the letters that have been delivered, if it is the individual that the signs point to, he’s going to fold hard when the police ask him in for questioning, he’s just that type of individual (you know, the kind that writes anonymous letters to another adult’s girlfriend acting like a girl saying that he’s cheating.) I’m quite excited for the results of the fingerprinting to come through, mostly to see the look on whoever’s face, because I guarantee they weren’t thinking that the police would get involved with fingerprinting and shit haha


That moment when an asshole shit-stirrer finds out that their actions can have consequences… golden!


Ortho Doc just told me that my left shoulder pain is caused by arthritis. same with my right elbow.

Said that i have good mobility, so i probably dont have a rotator cuff issue.

I told him that it only hurts/pops/snaps when i do fly’s or incline bench. he said to quit doing those.

could be worse, tho - right?


I got a ticket on my windscreen on Christmas Eve at a well known well thought of supermarket because “I didn’t park in a marked bay”. I pointed out to their customer care dickheads that there wasn’t anywhere to park, that I parked in a place that didn’t cause any obstruction to anyone and I attached pics to prove as much. I asked them to consider that I was only parking there to spend my money in their shop and attached the receipt to prove it. I gave them my loyalty card number so they could check out that I am as stated.

Their response was to tell me I was parked incorrectly and that they cannot do anything about the ticket. I asked to escalate it to a supervisor who offered me a voucher for the amount of the ticket. I told her I didn’t want it as I find their practice morally questionable as vulnerable people would find this legal looking penalty notice with its ‘pay within 14 days or it doubles’ intimidating and I wasn’t standing for it. I also explained that I would never shop there again if it wasn’t settled how I wanted it so the voucher was worthless. They did not relent.

I got the ticket quashed myself with one email. Its easy when its a civil matter rather than one issued by the local authority. The thing that pisses me off is the fact I pointed out to them that I spend about five thousand a year there and they will lose that over a twenty pound ticket. It mattered not a jot to these idiots who have now cost their company a customer.


The car park operators aren’t always the same company as the property managers who aren’t always the same as the outlet in the building. So one may not give two fucks that they are shafting the other.

I have to say, I get these “tickets” fairly often. Nowadays, I call them and tell them to serve me or go away so I don’t have to keep opening demand letters. They have always chosen not to spend $5000 to get $50 out of me.

One time I totally ignored it and it grew to a $450 “fine” over 6 months. Eventually, it started decreasing (pay now and we’ll make it $400). Over the course of another 6 months they offered to drop the matter if I paid $10.

I then called them and told them they’re not going to get $10 but they can happily take me to court for it.


This is very interesting to me, as I’ve gone into private practice and park across the street from my office in a strip center parking lot, which has a 3 hour limit. So if I start getting tickets I can…what? So far so good, and I’ve been here since October, but it’s a worry. I refuse to park in the parking garage, which in addition to being $50/mo and a good distance away in the winter when I’m dressed for work rather than outdoors (impractical shoes for snow, dresses and tights) creeps me out alone after dark.

It had occurred to me that if I come out with less than $660/yr in fines, I’m matching the cost of the scary parking garage*.

*Anyone remember the Dr. Melfi after-work parking garage rape scene from The Sopranos? I sure do!


In gym, ready to finish off my leg day with some leg extensions (we only have one leg ext machine), some dude is on the leg extension machine doing fucking nothing but looking at his phone (this happened over a week ago), doing a set every ten minutes. I go for a walk on the treadmill to return 25 mins later, this individual HAS NOT LEFT, is STILL on his FUCKING PHONE.


If you’re on a public road then your options are most likely to pay the fine or have something seized lol

If it’s land managed by a private operator for the purpose of parking then you can most likely do whatever you please in there. This is why most of them actively lock you in/out when payment hasn’t been recieved.

You can typically tell it isn’t public parking when there is a huge sign with all the conditions on entry either at the front or near ticket machines.

Now in your specific jurisdiction, things may work slightly differently. For example, if the spouse of your members operates car parks…


The two anchor stores where I’m parking are a box store and a grocery store, and the shopping center has a name, e.g. “The Rockland Plaza.” There aren’t any gates or ticket machines - I’m in the biggest town around, but it only has a population of around 15K. The shopping center butts up against old downtown, which is where my 7 story skyscraper is. There’s metered parking on the street. The plaza allows 3 hour parking for people visiting downtown businesses, but are clearly after discouraging people who work there full time. We encountered a woman in the building who got warnings, but don’t know anything about her parking habits. We try to be discrete, lol.

The lot has to be private if it has a name, right?


You better be careful there, Emily. A private lot can have violators towed, depending on the specific laws where you are. I used to work as a security guard in Austin while I was in college, and one of my jobs was to call the tow truck on egregious parking violators. We would always provide warning first, but repeat offenders got towed, and then they had to deal with the towing company and impound fees to get their vehicle back, and that can add up really fast.


You’re bringing me down, OTHSteve. Way down.


Sorry, just trying to look out for you. I’d check what the ordinances are in your city, and see what the postings are in that parking lot. We were clearly posted that violators would be towed at owner’s expense.


Luuuuuuuucky. Years ago I applied for a job at Legg Mason in Baltimore City and iirc the garage was roughly $5k/year…


People who stand still on escalators. If the fucking thing stopped would your fat ass just stand there until they switched it on again?


I like to stand still right in the middle so I know you ultra-efficient types can’t get by … #schadenfreude4life


x2 Fuck Yogi and his kind


Nah. The really rolly polley ones would tumble in which ever direction it was moving.