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Things That Piss You Off


As some of you know, I’m not a strength athlete by any stretch. At absolute best I’m a weekend warrior. So imagine my incredulity when this happens:

I had a cheap set of Chinese ratchets since high school and all of them have been broken and replaced at least once. So dad got me a craftsman set for Christmas. Went to change brakes today and had a stubborn 13mm bolt. Grabbed my new 3/8" ratchet, climbed in the wheel well and snap. No cheater pipe, no bad angles. This was the ratchets first bolt!

I am disappoint. Usually I just strip the gears out of these things…


That didn’t shear from the twisting action, you had a bad angle and were side loading it. Still, I would not have expected that from a Craftsman 3/8" ratchet with at 13mm socket. Apparently they really don’t make them like they used to. That would have pissed me off, too.


Well now where are you gonna take it back to?


I’m going to send it air mail through Sears’ window. Lol

Isn’t the Robinson one still open?


Lowe’s is carrying Craftsman stuff now, take it there.


I was only seeing appliance repair and auto center there.

As OTH Steve said, try Lowes.


Just had a fun little interaction with a member of the geriatric population about the channels that the TVs in the gym were tuned to.

He approached me and it started with, “I’d just like to comment, that on Wednesday when I came in, all of your televisions were turned to MSNBC,just once I’d like it to be turned to something like Fox, MSNBC is one of the most dishonest television networks out there.”
Me- “Well, I allow people to change the channel on the TV when it is slower, would you like to turn it to Fox?”
Him - “Well who’s in charge of the remotes?”
Me - “I am.”
Him - “Well I’d appreciate it if you’d turn it to something other than MSNBC sometimes!”
Me- “Every morning I start all of our TVs on ESPN, and throughout the day they get changed, you’re more than welcome to tune into Fox on the TV closest to where you’re working out.”
Him - “Who changes it to MSNBC?”

…his tone and approach pretty obviously pointing at me as the culprit of this ‘fake news’ on every TV (Goddamn young people and their liberal news!)


lol … what the fuck does it matter who? Someone who likes MSNBC and probably abhors Fox. Big whoop are you gonna fight this person when you find out who it was? Or just give them some passive aggressive side eye ya old coot…

I’m surprised this pissed you off … I’m getting a chuckle out of this


I’ve learned to just ignore the tone older people use. I think they go “tone deaf” after a while. My FIL is a decent dude, but speaks in a way that sounds super cranky all the time. He could pay someone a compliment and piss them off.


If someone starts strong with a “you need…”

especially in your example of unsolicited advice.

expect me to go ape shit.

“you need to go kill yourself” is a quick one-size-fits-all option


This guy has his own Scooby-Doo mystery going on at your gym.

In the end its gonna turn out like all of their episodes. It’s him messing with the TV’s and he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky kids!


I’ve been with the same internet and cable company since 1999. I had a recent overage that was super expensive and called to upgrade my internet plan based on the ones they have on their website. Turns out those are just for new customers. If you’ve been with them for 20 years, you can go fuck yourself.

Yeah and I’m pretty sure I had my grumpy old lady voice with the 12 year old I was talking to on the phone.


So, I opened a tub of Greek yogurt today, added some nuts to it and started eating it. Then I started reading the label information and got angry. To wit:

Greek yogurt, 1 quart (32 oz)
Serving size: 1 cup (8 oz)
Servings per container: 3

I mean, seriously? It’s not hard math, people. Either I’m getting shorted and not actually getting as much as I paid for, or they have an imbecile in charge of their labeling and nutrition information.


Late to this conversation but Craftsman is now just a name that has been sold to whomever. If you don’t want to pay serious $$$$ for snapon, the best place to buy tools are estate sales.


Technically, Craftsman is a name owned by Stanley Black and Decker. Before it was just a name owned by Sears. That’s all that brands ever are.


That’s a clever observation. Yes, that’s all brands are.

But the OP was disappointed that his tool failed because it was a Craftsman. The Craftsman brand had a reputation for reliability established by years of being made by people who cared about making reliable tools. Corporations paid money for the brand name, because in most consumer’s minds a reputation comes with it, even when it is no longer deserved.


To be more precise, I’m disappointed that a normal guy who isn’t a manual laborer could break any brand new ratchet trying to use it how it was designed. The Craftsman brand did used to mean something that it no longer means true.


With my old set I used to put one wrench over a concrete anchor, use a nut and washer to keep it on, then a fulcrum under the wrench, then bash it with a 2lb. maul to remove the anchors. That would pop it right out.

Those things were tougher than hell.


There is the manufacturing process behind them too. Like design, material selection, forging processes, machining, finishing, qa/qc.

There are significant differences between a tool like snap-on vs. something like Harbor Freight. I’ve stripped harbor freight wrenches and drivers on standard grade nuts and screws, and their sockets are just plain poop.

And that’s just for general use. Not even close when it comes to tools for aerospace and other critical precision work.


People in general, but one person in particular, who is continually sending anonymous letters to the new coaching staff here, the new coaching staffs’ significant others, and posting to anonymous online facebook boards with out-of-line personal attacks and conjecture. There is reasonable evidence to suspect a single individual, adult male, in their late 30s/early 40s. The fact that an adult male would lob these kinds of accusations and resort to the type of shit that’s happening, is so intensely angering that I can’t always put it into words, I can not imagine having the type of personal (and self proclaimed moral) outrage at someone and then being so petty as to send it anonymously (not even to the individual, but to the individual’s girlfriend, bosses, and co-workers).

This is what pisses me off today.