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Things That Piss You Off


If a surgical mask stops viruses from being passed on maybe its her who should wear one to protect herself. Dunno how she will deal with touching handles, money etc.


That’d be a hard “fuck nah for me, dawg”. Are you gonna sleep with this mask on? How are you gonna eat?


Take emotion out of it, examine data, crunch the numbers.

As the numbers get closer to 36-24-36, the masks becomes more reasonable.


Good numbers for sure, but I’d put more stock in the number of horizontal dances/week, personally. There are strip clubs for lookie no touchy…


Have you tried essential oils?


This seems more reasonable to me than asking everyone else to wear one. She is A) the one who has intrinsic motivation to prevent germs reaching her, and B) one rather than many, which makes her the obvious choice to wear it. It also protects her from non-family infiltrators such as kids’ friends, etc.


I have a sneaking suspicion you have a spreadsheet on this metric and send out weekly reports to the better half. You pervy accountant haha.

“What gets measured gets managed.”


Lol. Well, tax season is coming up (she’s a tax accountant) so those weekly reports are gonna be pretty bleak…


I hope they’re at least the cool fabric ones with neat designs on them, not those shitty ones with the metal clip thingy from Home Depot.

If they’re the home depot ones she can hit the road.


I often tell my wife that she confuses my jokes for serious statements and that I often confuse her serious statements for jokes.

I think this is one of those occasions where I’d be confused as to whether she was serious or joking


I have learned that when a women says “Don’t you want XYZ”, she means she has determined that you want XYZ) and you are a dumb mother fucker for not wanting XYZ, so much so that she will do XYZ even if you say “No, I don’t want XYZ.”

Happened to me at the gym this AM. The lights were mainly off. I like to lift with the lights off in the AM. Chick (not staying in the room, working out elsewhere) comes in “Don’t you want the lights on?” I say “No, I really like the lights off.” So she turns on the lights and walks off. I think she was so determined to hear “yes” she didn’t hear me.

Wife does this to me all the time. Pisses me off.


The struggle is real man. I usually say something along the lines of “If I wanted xyz don’t you think I would’ve done/gotten xyz?” - Never works, but still…


We had about an inch of snow this morning. The result was the roads filled with wankers doing 10mph on a 60mph road that everybody does 80mph on. Now I’m not saying speed along but fuck me, if you want to feel safe stay at home. Dont clog up the road with your shitty front wheel drive toy cars for the rest of us.

Also look this bastard. I had a bet with myself it was a woman, had to be. Didn’t clear the rear window off and then didn’t even bother to put the rear window trace heating on. When I got level, yep, woman. (Yes I know my left rear tyre has a slow puncture and that there is probably a pic of me taking a pic of her saying 'look at this dickhead taking a pic whilst driving)


Sid the Sexist


edit: there’s another thing that pisses me off, pics on their side. FML :slight_smile:


It’s the standard flatlander driving. Folks drive dangerously fast AND dangerously slow. People put too much trust in 4wd not realizing their wide mud tires are terrible in snow/slush/ice while others think they’re only safe going walking speed… Even it’s dead flat, straight, and tgere is bare pavement double track on the road.

I deal with it a bunch, my solution is to just leave early. If I get stuck in the shitshow I just sit back and go with the flow. Driving aggressively in those situations leads to accidents real quick. Easier said than done, I know haha.




My wife just got mad at me not telling her that her and her sister booked a trip over my birthday.

…let’s just imagine reversing this scenario.


Is that some kind of female communication Kung fu?

Like “hi honey. Nice pants”

And boom. There you are on the floor not knowing why or how.


I have my own opinions on Kaepernick kneeling, and this isn’t PWI so I won’t get into them. But Cardi B turned down playing the Super Bowl halftime show because of Kaepernick, yet she’s performing at a Super Bowl party and in a Super Bowl Commercial.

Here is her statement, defending this hypocrisy:

“I hear people saying like ‘Oh, y’all are saying all this stuff about the Super Bowl, but you’re doing all these parties,’” she said. “And it’s like, well, if the NFL could benefit off from us, then I’m going to benefit off y’all. Y’all make the most money off our people. Why am I not going to take advantage of y’all and take money from y’all too? Because of y’all, we are getting these parties. OK, thank you.”

What type of incoherent, rambling bullshit is this?


The polar vortex pisses me off. And my middle ear infection on the day I was supposed to deadlift 405.


She’s a boingy headed noise maker. I’m convinced a record producer made her up after reading a couple of Doctor Seuss stories.