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Things That Piss You Off


I think it relates to some half-baked article or news story they read/heard


“Kids that listen to Mozart in the womb get 10% boost in IQ” - Dumb magazine




I chartered a boat off the coast of Phuket. Figured one day in water would be fun.

I have no idea. I couldn’t pronounce them if I did.

Ya, I could have directly behind where I took that photo, but I had a speed boat to myself. So, we could go anywhere.

I believe that photo was Koh Hong. The only island I do recall, because it’s super popular and I kept calling it King Kong.


I got some advice of a diver when I was in the Gili islands surrounding indonesia for a fair while

Basically apply a film of vasoline over the top of sunscreen
The stingers will just rub over you
Dived for days on end for hours through some pretty large clusters and never got stung once


I recently found that setting them a task is a good way to shut them up.

“Interesting. Can you send me a photo of where I should be sitting when I read?”
“No, no. Don’t describe it, I’ll never remember. Send a photo”


You’re an accountant. That’s the default setting isn’t it?


True, but this time of year is particularly brutal.


I think the locals would start to wonder what kind of kinky shit I’m into if I buy a gallon of Vaseline.


On an island in Thailand? They would not so much as raise an eyebrow…


Just say you’re Elton John’s personal shopper


That’s a strategy I found very successful during my term as our PL association president. Tons of people would approach me with all their ideas about making things better. I’d just ask them to put together a plan and a recommendation regarding how they would execute the idea. I never even had to point out the idea was stupid - if it was. Just requiring work from them smothered most of those in their infancy.

Some ideas came to fruition because they were solid and people did the work.


Man, starting to side with Zep…


She marketed herself wisely apparently … fuuuuuuuuuuuu


Note to self, act like spoiled brat to become instafamous -> Cash $$$


Well, she’s just a spoiled brat who was lucky/ballsy enough to punk Dr. Phil on his own show…they say luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity … she prepared herself to be a piece of garbage and had the opportunity to be on Dr. Phil - boom 900k later she’ll be dead in 5 years from an OD


The number is the part I don’t get. How did the number get to $900k.

Did an exec at the company approach her with that number thinking that she wouldn’t accept less, or did she really say $500k? Nah fuck that, I can do better?

At no point, in any hypothetical mental negotiation, am I turning down contracts worth even half that.

Clearly it pays to have that much self belief I guess.


First she was a meme then she became a rapper tf


It would seem McDonald’s is now the only place that doesn’t give you medium/medium rare burgers by default.

Okay, if you are Gordan friggin Ramsay, you can serve me up a medium rare burger. If you’re just some burger joint, dont shit the bed when I send the burger back.

I have zero idea if your cook knows what he’s doing or if he went out for a cigarette and forgot what had been cooking.


I didn’t know whether to post this in the “things that make you chuckle” or “things that piss you off” thread, but here goes.

I’m getting over some kind of respiratory, flu-like shit which my gf (who I live with) seems to have caught. She 1) has a chronic illness which may increase the severity of whatever she catches, and 2) works with populations that have the same chronic illness and she works with pregnant women.

My gf brought home surgical masks and said that from now on if I get sick I’m to wear a surgical mask at home. And the kids, too.

Half of me thinks this is a reasonable request because I don’t want her to get sick nor do I want her patients to get sick and the other half of me is thinking, “you have got to be f’in kidding me…”

And I’m not sure which half I’m going to go with yet.