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Things That Piss You Off


In the older threads the quotes are broken; I assume because of the the forum design changes last year (year before? two years ago?).


so…back to things that piss me off…

The wife makes a hey-OOge deal about spending (holiday hangover), and what we need to do to get back on budget and in the black every month (le sigh), like saving, not spending, etc - normal after holiday bullshit.

Then the next morning she tells me about something that she bought on the internet that will make her teeth whiter, and that it is legit cause there were user testimonials.

and she wonders why i drink.



What she meant to say was YOU, Edgy, need to cut back on spending and she’ll cut back on spending when she’s not spending. When she does spend, then it’s ok, because things aren’t going to buy themselves…


I honestly don’t know which of these annoys me the most.

I love Kroc as a person but, Sweet Lord of Lifting, the idea of the “Kroc row” has got to be one of the worst things unleashed upon the fitness world in the last few years.

That last guy… just… whatwhyhowwhat?


Thank you for clearing that up for me, Polo~

Thats what freinds are for!!

goes in for a bro-hug


I gotchu bud … I have similar conversations with my missus … it’s how I know…


Holy hell! Kettle bells!? The middle video is probably the closest to what I think a Kroc row should be - a cheat row. But I think that guy created a new exercise - the jerk row.

I claim credit for any future use of that exercise/term. :smile:


Definitely the chest supported one for me. The 315 quarter rep guy is at least in the spirit of the movement, except nothing about what he’s doing is really a row.


People who use the phrase “invest in” to mean buy something expensive while pretending that there is a higher purpose to the purchase. It’s okay to just admit that you bought expensive pants because you like them and wanted to wear them. Dont pretend like you are planning on reselling them for a profit.


Jellyfish - Seriously, those fuckers ruin everything. I just want to swim in this beautiful place and I can’t move my arm through water without being stung a dozen times. I had a stinger attached to my leg that was over 2” long. Fuck them. @Yogi1 did you get stung to shit too?


That is an awesome place! Can you rent a kayak anywhere around there?


That sucks, but those plates do look awesome. I’ve thought about grabbing them a few times.


Lol, are we married to the same woman! Yours is a redhead like mine iirc… Wait, my wife does work late a lot…



Where is that?


When nosy/unsolicited advice givers come up and start the conversation with, “It’s none of my business, but…” you know it’s gonna be a gem and that they’re about to be all up in your business.

Recent case:

Older, nosy lady, “It’s none of my business, but you need to be reading to your kids in the womb, and you need to find out what type of music they respond to.”
Me, “Ha, well as soon as we find time to sit down together I plan on working on that, we see each other mostly in passing because we both work full time, coach, and volunteer.”
Her, “Well if it’s important to you, you’ll make time.”



I always love this one. I didn’t realize we had invented a way to manufacture time.


No Karen. It’s not that important me to read fucking War and Peace to my unborn child. You wanna know what it sounds like to the baby? Go stick your head in a wet suit filled with water and I’ll read to you - you tell me what you hear. Fuckin noise. White. Fuckin’. Noise. It also doesn’t really matter what music little unborn child responds to b/c all it is is fuckin’ sound waves and rhythm. There is not melody. They respond to noise. Plain and simple.

Karen done pissed ME off and I just read the story…


“Don’t be daft, I’ll never fit”


Haha, na mate. I was hardly in the sea at all when I was there.

Which islands are you visiting?


I’m with @polo77j in that it’s not important. I agree that you make time for things you consider priorities.That wouldn’t have been one of mine.

People really do like to manufacture weird crap though don’t they and assume their random priorities are yours too.