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Things That Piss You Off


There have been times where I’ve convinced myself he’s natural because he looks like a 28 year old man in his high school photos. But his age and his physique are definitely not typical. If he’s truly up at 0300 every day and up til 11 or midnight then I’ll throw the natty flag just based on recovery alone.

Still love the guy though…except his Under Armour stuff. It looks cool but I can’t afford it. Correction–I refuse to pay for it when I can get functionally equal things for 1/10th of the cost.


You don’t need steroids when you have clavicles like this:



I just bought some really cool Onnit Captain America plates.

They look super awesome.

They also don’t fit a standard barbell. The internal diameter is too small. I think they might fit a woman’s Olympic bar, but I don’t know, as I am not a woman.

This was not noted ANYWHERE on their materials. Over $300 for two 45lb plates.

Still waiting for reply from their “customer service”.

Complete. Pieces. Of. Shit.


They look pretty cool. The reviews complain about both plate and hole size, bit of a bummer.

The advertising says “fits most barbells” so they are probably obliged to refund/replace.


Your best bet is to find someone to increase the size of the hole and seal it so that it doesn’t rust.

(There’s no way to say “increase the size of the hole” without being open to quirky replies. Whatever.)


You have to have a mag drill laying around somewhere in a maintenance shed or something, don’t you?


Yeah but the entire point of the plate was it looked cool. It’s got a rubber coating and what looks like a copper or bronze (or whatever) center piece.

If I do a little reservation-engineering, it will look like shit.


How far off is it? With it saying “fits most barbells” you’d have to think that the I.D. is at least close to standard. If it’s really minor, you could open it up with a file and polish out any scrape marks.


Probably a solid quarter inch around. I borrowed a ladies’ barbell and it fits properly. So whatever that is.

Point is, for the price I paid, there should be zero DIY effort in this.

Onnit sucks balls.


Maybe. It can be difficult to get centered over a preexisting hole.

Also, I had no idea that there was such a thing as a woman’s barbell. An old Ukrainian oly coach had mentioned it once, but I thought he was just breaking a kids balls. He’d yell “Fast! FAST! You lift fast or we make you use girl bar!”.


Women’s barbells usually don’t have a different size sleeve as far as I know. The bar part is thinner, but the plates should need the same size hole. Something here is weird.


Maybe it’s not a woman’s barbell (although the shaft is definitely thinner and bar shorter overall – and it weighs 33 lbs). But its sleeve fits the plate. While about 5 other “normal” barbells of various makes and types (Rogue, Rogue Ohio power bar, unknown generic from some big box store (probably Acadamey), olympic/non-olympic) don’t fit.


Seems like you found the non-standard bar that fits your non-standard plates. You’re right that whoever sold them is pretty crumby to have not listed upfront that they aren’t standard holes.


Reading old threads for information sought through the search function on this site and finding posts from people who cannot use the quote function.

Jesus wept. Here’s a good example. I soon got lost



Just got this non-reply from Onnit:

So, basically, they deceptively advertise a crappy product and their “offer” is for me to pay $50 (really $100, for shipping both ways) for the pleasure of being sent a crap product.

ONNIT. SUCKS. BALLS. Do not do business with them.


Motherfucker. Why are you sending me emails clogging up my inbox? Stop spamming with bullshit yo. I asked you one fucking question. In your response, you answered it and then gave me MORE information than I needed/wanted.

THEN You went ahead and sent me ANOTHER email with a file I told you I already had as it was what I asked you the question on. AND THEN, motherfucker, you go ahead and send a 3rd fuckin email about the history of the template. I DO NOT CARE. THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR.


Bumpers for standard barbells? LOL That sounds like an excuse to me. Do you have a bar/pipe with similar thickness to your bar’s grip area? I’d be surprised if that fits the bumpers.


Oh god. I can’t believe I took stuff like that so seriously up until 2012, and maybe further. :joy: These days I don’t care much for whatever goofy stuff people say about nutrition and the gym, lifting, all that.

I usually was and am fine with using the quote function. I likely was too lazy to correct the post.


No, I have a variety of barbells – powerlifting, Olympic, whatever. For what I can tell the difference is in the “spin” and a flexing/max weight/whip of the various bars. The sleeves (the part where the weight goes on) are all the same (excepting the one woman’s bar – and it’s very close, we’re talking a fraction of a mm or so, probably due to the polish/coating).

A “standard barbell” is like a straight 1’ pipe – like the weight set from Sears you got when you were 12 years old with plastic and cement weights.

The Onnit weights were designed for a regular Olympic sleeve – they’re just crappily executed and too small (but far too large for a 1" bar).

Again, Onnit makes an expensive, crappy, but cool-looking, product.

Given how stupid the customer rep is, I expect all their other “certifications” and whatnot to be crap. Stay away.


:smile: Sorry mate, didn’t mean to single anyone on content, it was just the quote thing. I thought I’d got it from the start of the thread and not just your post. Apologies man.