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Things That Piss You Off


Yea, I’ve been reading that same post. In the morning, I’ll try draining the fuel bowl completely. Then see if it refills. Maybe it is fuel related, the symptoms seem similar to CPS.


The number of “your new year’s resolution is my everyday” shitposts…


Are you future me?!
Edit: See also the, “I’m coming for everything they told me I couldn’t have.” type posts…what’d they tell you that you couldn’t have? Abs? A bicep vein?



Every gym related social media page on the internet has been shitting on new years resolution’s for like a month straight. Ya, I get it, most will quit in a month, your gym will be more crowded, etc… But Jesus Christ move on already. It might have been funny the first time, but not the 500th time.


Not if you go before the ass crack of dawn …


BuT ThAt’S mY tImE tO gEt mUh gAiNz!


The more witnesses that see you lift, the more anabolic the lift is…it’s science :man_shrugging:


No wonder I’m fat and weak.


Home gym probs, gotta get with the science, man!


I was a little proud of myself for getting some regular training in at 430am. Then the wife shows me a Rock post where he does a cardio workout at 3, eats and then lifts weights at 4am. He’s had 2 workouts and a meal before I start my warm up set. Fucker.


I follow this guy name Jacko on Instagram (former Navy Seal Commander). Dude posts a picture of his watch everyday between 3AM - 4:45AM and then a picture of the “aftermath” of his workout.

Some people are just different animals.


Better animals. Lol. They have this super power called willpower. I need to find that radioactive spider and get me some.


You can borrow mine if you can find it.

I think I left it somewhere in 2014?


people who only come on here every once in a while and derail a thread because they’re being a smartass.

oh - and penguins!!

lol - happy 2019 family~!~!~!


Man I don’t consider comparing myself to freaks like The Rock fair - he doesn’t have to worry about the same shit we do…I’m not hating on the dude but I’m sure he has the luxury to w/o whenever he wants and has access to a home gym if he so desires…

It’s Jocko - I’m surprised you don’t listen to his podcast tbh


'tis a brave man who stands before Dawn, let alone her ass crack:


I do, I always spell his name wrong I don’t know why. I’ll haze myself.


He was homeless as a teen. Something I’ve never had to deal with. Probably why his work ethic is off the charts now.


His “gym” aka “Iron Paradise” is a commercial gym that he takes everywhere. There’s a crew of poor bastards who has to load that up and transport it. If the gym doesn’t travel then I’m sure the locals have to acquire the same equipment and build his gym for his work ventures.

I’m sure he has the occasional one night visit where it’s not necessary to move and build the gym, but most of the time he’s in the gym he’s built.

I love The Rock and I don’t care if he’s natty or not. I’m pretty sure he’s not, because based on his Instagram page he only sleeps about three hours a day. Who the hell can recover like that?


Big fan of The Rock also.

But I’m 99.999% sure WWE wrestlers are not natural. It’d be like going to a gun fight with a knife.

Caveat that I have zero clues about The Juice, so would have no idea what he does now.