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Things That Piss You Off


This is a common occurrence in my neck of the woods … luckily my wife has amazing night vision and warns me when said dickheads are a decent distance away so I can avoid them


I found this article useful for curing my tendonitis. Specifically the eccentric exercises with the theraband. There are 4 resistance levels in the theraband, I got the 3rd highest for $15 on amazon. I find it fascinating that we have been doing heart surgery and brain surgery for longer than we have know how to actively treat tendonitis. Apparently a lot of what’s in that article is information no older than 10-15 yrs. It has as much to do with the nervous system as it does with inflammation.


“Hey! don’t you see me on my fucking bike”?



I was driving in a poorly lit … i.e. nonexistent lighting … parking lot one night and damn near ran some asshole walking in the middle of the parking lot dressed in all black over. They were mad at me presumably because I actually saw them last minute and had to fuckin’ swerve to avoid hitting them.



Went out this morning to replace a sensor on my truck. After 15 minutes: done. Go to start it, nothing. Spent all day trying to figure it out without luck.


Which sensor? Make/model/year?


2000 F250 7.3. CPS Sensor.

Changes sensor, tries to start, cranks but doesn’t go.

Checked battery terminals. Batteries are 3 weeks old.
Checked fuel bowl.
Checked fuses.
Plugged in block heater to rule out glow plug relay.
Check two other sensors can’t remmeber acronym, but next to fuel bowl.

Edit: I’m not convinced that I didn’t get a bad CPS from ford.


I’d check the connections of the sensor for cleanliness and continuity. Those can be a common point of failure.

I know that they usually use keyed wiring harnesses on automotive stuff, but on some robotic applications I used to work on they didn’t, and when plugged in backwards would read in a way that caused the machines to run backwards.

So maybe try cranking the engine the other way? :crazy_face:


Have you got spark?
Work from ICPE (intake, compression, power, exhaust)
If it cranks, good chance its either spark or fuel


I sure hope not. Ford 7.3 is the diesel, if he has spark there’s bigger issues here lol. I know you’re on another continent, just busting your chops.


I’ll double the suggestion to check sensor for continuity. I’d also either clear the code or try to leave the batteries disconnected for 3 hours.

Did she run before you changed the CPS? what code did it throw?


I have no code or CEL.

Truck was parked at airport for 8 days. On Thursday, got back, started up and drove off. Stopped at store on way home. Wife went in, truck was on, in park. After 5 minutes shuts off. Start it up again, immediately dies. Start it up again, stays on. Wife comes out. Drive home ~45 minutes and truck jerks while driving. I stop at Ford dealership and pick up a CPS, finish drive home. Friday, I didn’t do anything. Wife and I ran errands and used her car (no real reason for using her car). Saturday morning, didn’t think to try and start it first. Just go straight to putting in new sensor.

To me, it was clearly this sensor. Before I replaced the sensor it was all the signs, dies while idling, jerks on highway, poor mpg, etc. actually thinking about it, I’ve had rougher starts and worse fuel mileage for last month. I assumed it was due to weather and letting truck warm up longer. Anyways, It cranks and cranks and cranks. No start tho.

I’m going to run to Napa and grab another sensor. Maybe Ford sold me a bad one? If not, then I’m at a complete loss.


Well if the diagnostics all point to that bugger it’s either the sensor or the harness wires from sensor -> computer.

When you go to install new sensor check the plug on the harness and make sure there’s no corrosion on the pins. Try and clean em up a bit with a small wire brush and put a little dielectric grease on the pins.

You own a multimeter?


Third CPS, with deialetric grease. No dice.

Connected the multimeter, not voltage. Although, not convinced I got a good ground and did it right. It’s way up there between belts.

I did test glowolug relay and that’s good.

Might have to raise the white flag on this one.


Hate to give money to mechanics if I don’t have to.

Given those symptoms… when was the last time the fuel filter was changed? How many miles on the truck? You have zero codes and no combustion, maybe the pump is starved for fuel.


Fuel filter was changed 8,000 miles ago, about 2.5 months back.

160,000 miles. I drained the fuel bowl and then turned it to on. I can hear the pump working. Drained it again and there was fuel.


Ah, that was some vital info I glanced over😂

Alright… diesels

Whats your cranking speed?
Obviously glow plugs run off heat
If your plugs and compression are fine, whata your crank speed, are you getting over 150rpm?

Next, it could be a fuel problem.
Not to sound like a smartass, but are you 100% sure there is diesel, and not petrol in the tank?
I know some valet services offer refueling.
Was generally the first thing I checked when working on other diesels with similar problems.

Could also just be a dodgey sensor


Glow plug relay is good, tested that. Also plugged my block in all night.

When trying to start the tach doesn’t move. Apparently comment for my year when CPS is bad.

I put it in myself and drove 330 miles no issue. Albeit, I do have a little less than 1/4 tank left…


Sounds like a relatively slow crank compared to some 250’s ive seen over here, abliet the 2 I used to service were mid 2000’s model


If you havent already been on this forum, there is some pretty specific info that may translate to your model