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Things That Piss You Off


I ran on a Woodgate treadmill back in 07 and it had the same type of belt. It was those strips of rubber like a track instead of a belt. That thing was awesome. It was cushioned and held up fine to me running 80-85% for 200m intervals.

The standard treadmills scare me. The belts can slip with 240+ lbs running on them.

The cool thing about this free runner is that I could work up to a sprint like effort, jump off, and it slows down on its own. I could also start from a walk instead of having to jump on at speed. That’s much better for interval work.


Those treadmills look awesome. There’s no motor, right? It’s all you.


Yep. I think it’s hilarious that they charge $5k for a treadmill with no motor. It’s a human hamster wheel :laughing:


That is pretty hilarious.


CPE requirements… I have 8+ years of higher education, passed two four-hour exams that have a pass percentage of like 49%, each, but lets make sure you get another 30-fucking hours of CPE every year…



Lol. CFA requirements are even worse. 3 tests over 4 years with a 15% combined pass rate. Then they require ethics training every year.

If you didn’t learn the ethics part studying the CBOK for 4 years… you ain’t gonna learn ethics in a couple hour seminar.


Ya, the CFA test is definitely worse.

I’m required to do 2 hours of ethics every year. I’m like, ethics’s doesn’t change…


I get this; in my field there’s no push for CPE aside from those who take the initiative to CPE tend to move into better/leadership positions and make that dough.

Point is, this dilution of CPE really hinders those go getters from goin’ and gettin it


Agreed. CPE is a good tool to learn additional / new things. I’m all about continuing education be it additional degrees, certificated, CPE, etc… Even just reading about related topics in journals or books is worthwhile, imo.

However, after spending a couple grand and several months studying for and passing the CMA exams I think forcing CPE (which the IMA conveniently sells) is ridiculous. Luckily I have access to Lynda.com so I was able to meet the requirements for free this year, but it can be pretty costly to get 30 additional hours of education.


I feel ya on this. My wife has to meet certain CPE standards every few years. She’s had jobs that offer 100% reimbursement and others that are 0%. It really limits her choices and she’s taken some CPE courses that are essentially useless just to satisfy some credits.


I went to do some tendinitis rehab exercises I saw on social media and all I got was sharp pain in 3 joints.

I am going to assume this “doctor” is a quack or a poor teacher and there’s no issue on my end.


Cut up a full grown cherry tree one tank of fuel and oil. Zero problems and still had some edge left on the chain. Went to cut up the rest of that oak… got my saw stuck twice and bent the bar. Time for a new bar.


Sister in law’s car is having electrical gremlins. Blowing fuses and relays all over the place. Come to find out that car has issues with the computer not being grounded properly… so I grounded it.

So far so good. If only GM did it right the first time.


At the airport, I fit all my stuff in my travel duffel. Wife has a giant suitcase. Go to weigh it… 55lbs. She packs for herself for 7 days and it’s 55lbs!!! :flushed::flushed:.

Of course my duffel is now packed to accommodate her sweaters and my easy travel as turned into carrying bricks.


were they eccentric exercises? Where (what joint) was the tendonitis?


Elbow, I’ve had it for a long time, its mostly managed but I get a flare up now and again so I was trying something new. This was just an initial stretch with arm out to the side, wrist flexed and head to the side.


You’ve got to get that good upright scap position, get your shoulder in the right spot, and externally rotate your upper arm bone in your shoulder BEFORE you extend your arm.

When you try that stretch with your shoulder inwardly rotated and slumped forward, all the pressure goes right into your bicep tendon.

You’ve got to work on turning your palm “up” and your thumb “back” with your back muscles to get your arm bones in the right position first.

Many internet dudes rush past this important step.


“Mix frozen berries with plain Greek yoghurt and it tastes just like icecream”

“Take chopped frozen bananas, add some milk and blend. It tastes just like icecream”



You eat chicken and rice plain all day everyday for a while, ANYTHING mixed with yogurt and a hint of sweetness will taste like ice cream lol


Dickheads who cycle their bikes at night, under LED streetlights, without lights on their bikes and dressed in dark clothes. I consider running them over, it would be doing the gene pool a favour.