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Things That Piss You Off


Hes a little taller then me maybe 5ft 10.So as tall as shawn rhoden,this year MR.O. Shawn Rhodens weight is stated as 231lbs on stage.Nowhere near 280+ pounds.


What? Yes it is. The fact that you pulled an anecdote out about that means it is. We have a 750 lb deadlifter on here who has yet to bench 4 plates. It doesn’t mean the guy’s on gear but this is just untrue. Repping 405 makes you strong as fuck.


Is it enough to post in the “piss you off” thread because this fellow MUST be lying to @vvfoo ?

Phil heath was 252#, Big Ramy is regularly listed over 300lbs in contest shape.


Also repping 405 even among lifter is already in the elite category no matter how much you weigh. He also does it with complete control/no bounce and smooth on the way down.I believe he can 1RM over 485 possibly.


Nope. Agree with you there and understand what you were trying to say, just giving credit where credit is due.


You can tell a mile away most of the time just looking at them. I could walk into my gym and point out the juiceheads with a 90% accuracy. The other 10% a mixture of noobs on gear at 8 stone and eating a terrible diet or the actual genetic freaks… the big strong farmer type but they aren’t that common.


If we’re going to start down this road we need to start seeing jawline pictures to review.

(Why hasn’t this been mentioned, am I the only one serious about getting to the bottom of these?)


Someone told me that they are their own worst critic today. I haven’t heard that for a long time - time and absence have not helped. It still makes me want to punch people who say that sort of shit right in the cock/vag.


People who think you owe them something after they’ve caused an issue and you have requested them to fix it

E.g… The other day
Was parked up a narrow driveway of a house
Was onsite at 6am, no one else was around for close to 4 hours
Within less then 30 mins before I have to leave, another group of trades People rock up
All good, I’m about to leave and I ask them if they can move out so I can get out.
He replies “so what do I get out of it?”
I laugh thinking he is having a joke
Nope, dead serious. He repeats it again, this time adding “it’s not my fault you can’t get out (yes it is, fuckhead), so what do I get out of it?”

I reply “what do you get out of it? You get to keep all your teeth in tact and to live your life without a broken jaw so I strongly suggest you move your fucking ute”

Christmas time
'Tis the season to be jolly


How do you know they just dont think they’re smarter regardless of education? Thinking they know better doesn’t mean they think they’re smarter.

I get annoyed when folks in the service industry do a bad job with poor effort, and then complain about the 'bad customers".


Might not go that far, 405 for reps is not crap . But 405 for your bigger guys isnt exactly elite. No offense…


The Y got some new toys just in time for Christmas. Part of the spread includes two of these bad boys.

Tonight they were being used by two middle aged women who were walking. I didn’t even want to use them but it still made me want to scream.


Well that would still piss me off so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


What is that for? Rollerblading or something?


When I used to do boxing the gym I was at had one of them - if that’s what I think it is, it’s powered by you running on it, no speed settings, and the curved design let’s you get a nice heel to toe motion instead of the loud foot slapping you hear in gyms. It’s nice to be able to do interval sprints and not have to fuck with settings.


Electricians, Roofers or Painters?


Appliance fitters actually
Pricks arent even qualified in anything


I bet they shat themselves and moved there ute asap :joy:


It’s one of the new motorless treadmills. They used them in last year’s CrossFit games. That one is made by Precor and retails for $5k. I’m hoping I can actually use them and run fast without the fear of dying.


Ive seen so many youtube fails of guys sprinting and then flying off haha. And then theres that one viral video of a guy using that type of treadmill to sprint 23.5mph.