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Things That Piss You Off


Canada hates that America can't get over us. We broke up like 230+(if you go with 1776) years ago, move on! Stop coveting our hills and valleys. Were with the sexy frenchies now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't covet your hills and valleys???!!!

Oh wait... nvm

What pisses me off is being told I can't covet hills and valleys... :wink:


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Yeah but then coveting leads to you Mericans threatening to invade us and of course it never happens.

Empty threats piss me off. :PPPPPPPPPPPPP


Frenchie hills and valleys


Ahh... why do you have to insult my place of employment? I'm now pissed at the term Pepsi-sniffer.


Damn it, now I'm pissed off because I haven't invaded any "foreign" countries...

Well, not since I was at Lake Louise back in 98 :frowning:

  • People who ask a question in the form of a comment, people who ask questions they already know the answer to

  • People who don't wash their hands after taking a piss/shit

  • Being spoken to before I have my morning coffee

  • The supermarket crowd; let their kids run around like spastics, go on family shopping trips and take up the width of the aisle, can't look where they are pushing their trolley around, stand right in front of you while you are browsing for product, those that use the express aisle when they have more than 15 items, someone drops an item - clearly not damaged in any way - but put it back to grab a new one, people who buy meat from the deli and then decide they don't want it so shove it in some random place, people who steal one condom, people who can't understand that our liquor license runs out at midnight and therefore we can not sell after 12am sharp and feel the need to argue, etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Drivers who merge slow onto a highway/freeway, drivers who can't move over into the right lane to allow merging traffic to join the highway/freeway when it is clearly possible for them to do so, erratic drivers thinking their traffic weaving will actually get them there faster, drivers who pull out in front of you because they can't wait 10 seconds for clear road, driver's who overtake you then end up slowing you down, morons who leave the high beams on after you over take them at night time

  • Those random 'tough guys' that have to make a comment to try and see if you have any balls

I'm gonna stop there. Making me angry just writing this out lol



You damn right brah!

  • People who make statements with the inflection of a question. You know... like when they tell you something and their voice tone gets higher toward the end of the sentence, making it sound like a question.

  • Shoppers at the supermarket checkout who are obviously able-bodied, yet they don't lift a finger to bag their own groceries.


Wait Wut?
We are supposed to bag our own groceries?

Shit, no one sent me that memo.


Are you kidding? At my local Stater Bros. they have a second grocer at the cash register specifically there to bag your groceries (that and to wish you a great day). You don't even get the chance. Sometimes they even ask if I would like help getting my food to the car even if all I bought was 2 apples and an 8oz block of cheese (and I'm by no means "unable-bodied-looking"). Same goes for my local Costco too. Heck, at Costco the second guy at the register even puts your stuff in the cart for you.

[edit] Heck, if you (and everyone else) went and insisted on bagging the stuff yourself, these people would lose their jobs. Then you'd still be the asshole.


And to add one to saveki's list
- Stupid People


Finding a cure for cancer would put tons of people out of work, and who would complain about it... besides those in the cancer industry?


Hot coffee that gets cold. If there was some kind of way..


Do you mean kike a thermos?



Oh well, it was worth a shot. I was just trying to appeal to the inner grocery bagger in everyone.


Those things are amazing! They keep hot things hot and cold things cold. The big mystery to me is: how does it know?


Ha! Your thermos has a weiner