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Things That Piss You Off


When people follow low carb diets but refuse to eat fats because ya know, that makes you fat.


^^Oh my, that pisses you off?


When people start threads about stupid shit. Or when teachers use words improperly.
not referring to this thread, I think it has potential.


What pisses me off is when people get pissed off for reasons they post in this thread.




Fuckin' magnets.


Yeah, how do they work?

  • assholes who don't re-rack their weights

  • loud mouths

  • liberals

  • shitheads who tail-gate me

  • assholes that don't know how to stay in their fuckin' lane

  • people that ask your advice and don't take it


People who are intolerant of other peoples culture's.

And the Dutch.


Ignorant people
assholes at the gym
Assholes from NY.
I am sure there are more, but those come to mind right now.


actually nothing.

if it is not an urgebt threat to mine or my family's life .let it be. I don't give a fuck about small shit. Life is rough enough without adding needless stress to it.

I guess you'd need to come through Hard Knocks Univ.to understand.


Then you won't like anyone using Rapid Fat Loss. Why would something piss you off that has zero effect on you anyway?


Oh, and fat people piss me off. They take up all this unnecessary valuable space...especially on planes.


I dont take kindly to people who dont take kindly around here


Like this.


not being able to hit the gym for over 10 months :cry:


People that look down or me or anyone else that carries more muscle and less fat than they do.


Wow, that was incoherent. However, it didn't piss me off a bit.


Midget prostitutes, full price my ass.


When I send myself an e-mail as a reminder to do something and then instantly when I get the new mail notification I'm like "wooo new mail!" and then I'm like %%$##$#!!

Gets me every time.