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Things That Piss Me Off

Now I normally dont give a fuck about anybody in the gym, but I really have a problem with those 160 lb skinny fat boys in the gym that where my little sisters shirt in the gym to make themselves look big. These are the same guys that go up to all the girls in the gym and make them uncomfortable to be there. They also leave all their weights(which really isnt that much) out. i saw one of these guys last week. He was doing db bench. I was doing seated db presses. I had never done these for 5x5 before so i had no idea what weight to use. So i used 10 more lbs than he was using. hahahah. I loved it. And it ended up being light. I hate these pussies. they take up too much space in the gym. and their cell phones always go off. I swear if one ever goes off when im squatting(because of art ive started squatting my usual poundages again)I will strangle them. I had to get that out. peace. im going to lift now. not workout, thats what those pussies do. I lift. haha. that sounded stupid as hell.

Goldberg, as a 161 lb. ‘skinny fat boy’ (with 7% bf) I understand your frustration, but your post made you sound like a chood. Yeah, I (we) probably don’t bench, squat or row as much as you (235, 370 and 130 respectively), but NOT EVERYONE at the gym is as knowledgable and ‘strong’ as you. I see the same people as you’re referring too, but I just shake my head and laugh to myself and thank God I know what I’m doing. And for you to say it doesn’t piss you off, your post contradicts that.


I love wearing smaller shirts and catch the little biscuits staring at my 16 inch guns!!

I don’t care how much people lift (Im a bodybuilder) or what routine they do - they may not have the time or inclination to be as into lifting as I am. I do mind when people don’t clean up, dont put put weights back, etc, and when people bother others.

Easy, take a deep breath, then kill them all.:slight_smile:

I’m tired of women complaining to ME about weights that arent racked while I’m minding my own business. I always rack my weights but because I’m kinda big, they act like I must be associated with these non-rackers and expect me to take responsibity for my apparent hooligan friends. I use to be glad to help them until I was helping a complainer unload the 45’s on one side and she started unloading the other side with little effort! She was just to damn lazy to do it herself, or because the rules say she’s entitled to an empty machine, she decided to have ME do her dirty work for her. I wish I would have told her to hire a personal trainer, get a butler or use the universal machines upstairs that were designed just for people like her that can’t/won’t lift a 45. I go to the gym for exercise so throwing around a couple 45’s won’t kill me but I don’t want to be everybody’s bitch.

Is that a barbell row? Your bench is almost twice as big as your row - looks like a major imbalance to me. Might want to add more back work to your workouts, just a suggestion.(if its 1 arm db row , forget what I said :slight_smile:

I kinda know where you’re headed (even if you did phrase it in a way that riled a few people). I like to think I went through my meathead period,… trying to throw as much weight as possible, and show up everyone who was bigger than I was. Now, after many injuries, I’m smarter, safer, BIGGER, and STRONGER. and yeah, I do get looks from punks throwing 50’s while I’m doing 6 second incline curls with em, but ya know what?! who gives a rat’s ass! Just reminds me why their arms have stralled out at 15 inches and mine kept going well beyond. I do occassionally laugh aloud, but getting pissed just interferes with your own workout.

Just one thing, who cares what weights other people are pushing in the gym? Who knows, they might be going lighter than you because they are going for more sets, more reps, slower tempo or they might be doing active recovery or just warming up.

All this bitching and moaning about other people in the gym embarrasses me.

Personally, I don’t give a shit what other people do.

The gym is always going to attract odd people, just do your thing and get out, I actually enjoy watching the shows that the “different people” put on while I’m resting between sets

On the other hand it can be quite entertaining to be a 160 lb skinny guy and head to the squat rack waiting for the fat guys to finish doing their 300 lb half squats and then proceed to take their working weight and bang out a clean set of squats of the “ass to the ground” variety :slight_smile:

I could care less what other people are doing. But yes, the occasional doofus with the cell phone makes a unwanted appearance and that does bug me. People who wear cologne/perfume irritate me (and my asthma) too. However, Ko and I are usually much too busy with our routine to notice and care.

As for the weight laying around, I usually set them back on the racks. I mean, how embarrassing for some "big" guy who just left his 70 or 80lbs dumbbells on the floor to see a chick half his size easily pick them up and re-rack them. Well, it's embarrassing enough for them that they re-rack their own weights next time....;-)

Even though I am 165 pounds(only 5’7), it still pisses me off when people leave their weights all over. Some times when I go into the gym they have 4 or 5 sets of dumbells on the ground. I don’t wear tight shirts though Goldberg. I know I am not big.

Yall know the guys im referring to. dont even try to get pissed off. Youll never guess what happened today. one of these same guys mentioned earlier was doing db benches today. he dropped the weight on some dudes toe because he was trying to be big and bad and drop the weights. he thought it was funny. these are the fuckers im talking about. i cant believe some of you got ill at what i said. these are the people that fuck the gym up.

Skinny people that wear wife beaters and think they’re hot shit should all be round up and shot

I love how one person on this board posts a message about how much they hate wankers taking up space at the gym, and then they get 10 flames in response. “Maybe they were working out at a slow tempo doing an Ian King program.” “Ignore everybody else, just do your own workout.” “What do you mean skinny, I’m a 160 pound ripped lightweight bodybuilder with a 400 lb bench press”

Admit it people. You know who Goldberg’s talking about. It’s not you. But they come to your gym and you hate them too.

Top Ten ways you know the Wankers have arrived

  1. Their bench routine looks like this: 135 x 8
    185 x 3 + 3 forced reps, 225 x 2 near death forced reps. All the guys do the same sets with the same reps, weaker guys adjust by not touching their chest with the bar.
  2. Leg Press has 10 plates on each side and a girl sitting on the top. It moves 3 inches each rep.
  3. When the wanker comes without his posse: A copy of Men’s Fitness is sitting on a bench nearby opened to “SIX WEEKS TO STREAMLINE YOUR PHYSIQUE” which the wanker idly studies and imitates between sets.
  4. Every fortnight, squats will be done. They use 135 and dip down 4 inches. This is because they kneel rather than sit back. No wonder they think squatting parallel is ‘bad for the knees’ Bonus round by the big guy in the crew is done with 225, dipping down 3 inches
  5. They linger around the Smith machine like it is a temple of holy fitness.
  6. No clothing they own has sleeves.
  7. In accessories: overpriced gym drinks and bottled water, headband, straps, gloves, nylon belt, cell phone, pad for squat bar. Out: leather belt, chalk, notebook, collars on bars, any plate smaller than a 45.
  8. Spend 80% of the ‘workout’ talking to each other, the cell phone or whatever tramps they brought with them.
  9. Stare at themselves in the mirror, then have a bicep flexing contest.
  10. Sample workout. Bench, Incline Dumbbell Press, Smith Machine Seated Military Press, Leg Press, Barbell Bicep Curl, DB Bicep Curl, Bicep Curl machine, Tricep Pushdown, Crunches. Duration: 2 1/4 hours

I'm sorry if offended anybody. Actually I'm not. No one who's been here for more than a week should recognize themselves, and if you do, well you're a wanker.

I’m lucky. I go to the gym at about 5 a.m so there aren’t any highschool kids in there or any real idiots. Most of the guys there are anywhere from 40+. Although there are a couple guys that are in there that leave there shit everywhere. I don’t care if somebody is bar benching and they leave two 45s on there but I hate it when olympic bars, and dumbells are just left on the fuckin’ floor. Unfortunately there aren’t any good looking women in the gym at that time either.

yo goldberg, i think your the guy who walks around the gym with either: a) a wife beater you wore in 8th grade, or b) a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off staring everyone down like you own the world. Relax dude - let people do what they want and be who they are and worry about yourself. You’re there to lift.

jeez Rafael you go to some fucked up gym. My gym is hardcore compared to what you said, though there are many little skinny fucks doing curls in the power rack. About poundage, when I am on my dynamic workout (westside style) my weights look rather small too (50-60%). last year I had a small shoulder injury from playing too much beach volleyball so my incline was like that of a girl.

On the other hand, people who study, in depth, others’ behavior at the gym can be irritating as well. They probably go home pissed about the big guy who wouldn’t stop staring at them during their workout.

Gold man, how about the dicks that stack 4 45’s (2 on each side) on the Smith machine tighten up their belts, and proceed to go about 1/4th range and then look around (Squats)wondering if they impressed someone. I always get a kick out of these fuckfarts. Or the guy who looks like shit but may be pretty good at on specific excersise like this guy at my gym who comes about every 3 days and performs weighted pull-ups with shitty form and thinks he is Mr. Latman even though there is no development. Every time he romoves the weight he lets out a yell and proceeds to crash the weight to the floor. Even though his legs look like twigs and nothing on him is cut or defined he struts around like some asswipe dicklord. I promise this is all this man ever does. We all laugh our assses of at him, but he continues to act like big shit. The fucks who really piss me off are the ones that come in with their belts and gloves on and smell as if they haven"t ever found out what the uses of soap are for. Damn sure need this belt for that 100 lb. bench and oh hell how my hand are getting blistered as I perform these monster 25 lb. curls. All show and all blow. Are these the type douchebags your reffering to