Things That Make You Uncomfortable

When people know my name or things about me that I didn’t know they knew, not personal things, just…anything, really…that makes me uncomfortable.

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AGREE! I dislike politics/religion in the workplace in general.

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We have a TV in our lunch room, which tends to go on the news. I have lunch an hour later than I used to because this guy feels the need to give his opinion (his opinion being a long sarcastic commemt) half way through anything Donald Trump says or is reported to say - which is multiple times per day.

After 18 months of this every day, it gets a little tiresome…

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The question is whether it’s on cnn or Fox News…but at work :expressionless:

But it was the same with Obama when I worked, but the news seems more “sensationalized now”

We have TVs in our gym (shocker!) and our main population that we cater to is geriatric…guess how often I get to see ESPN on our television…not very…lots of loud, political conversation over free, crappy coffee haha they often attempt to drag me into the conversation since I’m, “One of those millennials.” This also makes me uncomfortable.

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You could have so much fun with this.

“Which one of them 32 genders are you any way sonny?”
“I’m feeling rather fluid today Moses.”


Yup. I have banished people (temporarily) from the OR because they wouldn’t stop talking politics.


Shouldn’t the proper response be to break down in tears?


I’m pretty comfortable in most awkward situations, even to the point of experiencing bits of joy at other people’s discomfort.

One thing I still don’t like is when people I like either assume I share their wacky/hateful/backwards beliefs or go fishing for some kind of affirmation for those beliefs from me. For example, there’s a guy at my gym I’ve known for years. Hard-working family guy, by all accounts does everything right for his woman and kids. But man is he racist. I’m talking real racism in the form of ready-to-express hatred of Somalians (our largest non-white demographic). He knows I don’t share those beliefs, but that doesn’t stop him from piping up about Somalian this and sand nigger that, spoken in a way that that feels like he still thinks I’m on the same page (wink wink). I still think he’s a good guy, just flawed like everyone else.

A guy I train jiu jitsu with is a hard-core socialist and SJW. Wonderful man when you meet him and politics are not discussed. Good guy to train with. He seems like a really warm and caring dude, and then I “friended” him on the facebooks. Apparently if you don’t agree with him about [insert policy here], you’re a Nazi scumbag and shouldn’t be friends. No exaggeration. What’s awkward for me is that I tend to assume that people mean what they write on social media, so I’ve considered following his suggestion and unfriending him. I still may, because the dude is starting to get on my nerves and he’s said vile things about my mother (indirectly). After all, if I’ve remained friends with him, I suppose he probably assumes I’m on the same page as him. At this point I just ignore him on social media and resist the impulse to publicly challenge his remarkably stupid and hateful rhetoric online.

Luckily I can choke the shit out of the guy left and right, so it will never be too awkward for me when we cross paths on the mats. If he indirectly insults my mother again I can always put him in an arm triangle with lots of pressure and whisper in his ear “I voted for Trump” before I make him tap.

I’ve kept it clinical and cordial on the mats so far though. Like my racist lifting companion, I think he’s a good guy, just flawed like everyone.


I’ve got the worst. Seeing pictures of me when I was under a 100 lbs and wore a girls 12 in jeans. :cold_sweat:. I refuse to go to the restroom after eating unless with just hubby cuz I’m afraid people are thinking I’ve become bulimic. I used to peck at a salad now I eat like a horse and “women”(sorry gals) like to gossip and have claws.

I remember looking for a house share. The people at one place flat out asked me who I voted for. I didn’t vote at the time but they said they refused to live with anyone who didn’t share their political view.

I had an image in my mind of all their friends sitting around a table each Friday night talking about politics and patting each other on the back that I couldn’t get out of my mind - which made it hard to continue without smirking. That was awkward.

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So my wife belongs to a FB group for this rare dog breed we own. One of the members lives in NYC and is road tripping to Chicago and asked if she could crash at our place (she wants the dogs to play together). Our only extra bed is in the unfinished basement, so my wife said she’s welcome if she doesn’t mind the basement.

I say to the wife:

“what’s she like? Do we get her a bottle of wine, or a special desert?”

“Well here’s her facebook.”

I read it over.

“So you’re going to house a refined, blue-blood, New York City liberal, CBS producer, who lives in a beautiful brownstone mere blocks from central park… in our unfinished windowless basement in the country?”

“Umm… yes.”

“Right next to my gun safe?”


This should be gold.


Yes. Keep us posted. Shit, record EVERYTHING. This is sitcom gold. OR y’all gon be doxxed… either way … GOLD

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I’m pretty flexible. I don’t get in many uncomfortable positions. If anything, my flexability puts others in uncomfortable positions.

…wait this isn’t SAMA. I skipped after seeing progress pics of PP.


Jesus lmao

When my coworkers try to talk to me about work, outside of work.

People who do nothing but shit talk about other friends or people. Used to just smile and nod, now I actually tell them cut the shit just because of how prevalent it is.


Having people tease me about anonymous internet glutes pictures.

Motel room carpet.

Motel room bedspreads, unless they are white cotton.

Authentic Cambodian restaurants, when you’re with your Cambodian co-worker who orders for you and really wants you to like the fish head soup.


The only way we could possibly determine if this is inappropriate is if you snap and post some discreet pictures.

You know, for discussion.


Going into a bar/restaurant, or worse, a professional meeting, and seeing someone with whom I’ve had a sexual encounter.

Double bad if I am with my wife.

Triple bad if I am with my children.

This is sadly pretty common.