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Things That Make You Uncomfortable


No shit, I try to ejaculate while I’m working out* to save time.

*Home gym recommend, but not required




That’s hilarious! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Cuts down on the chalk, win/win.


People. People make uncomfortable. My son and I went to the annual parade and rodeo yesterday. We sat in the front tow so Jed could be close to the animals (he loves all critters) but all night long people kept walking back and forth in front of us! Even during the National Anthem… ugh! We went to watch the events, not to be 6 inches from people’s asses. I found it very annoying and wanted to stand up and shout… just sit the fuck down!
I have people hang over today.


For sure. I’ll avoid crowds, ad places like Disneyland are pretty low on my list of things I like to do because they’re just sooo crowded.

It’s baseball season and I want to go to some Angels games this summer but part of me would rather go see a high school or college baseball game because I don’t like the feeling of being in a crush of people.

You know what’s still making me feel uncomfortable? I know you’re thinking that foot that @bigjez put up. That was awful, but nope. It didn’t get stuck in my psyche like that human head made of mashed potatoes!! UGH! Disgusting. Lol. Out of the blue, I’ll think of that thing. You’ll pay for this!


When your friend hits a new personal best for weight/reps and you don’t want to be a dick when they brag about it on social media, because you were their spotter and know that those reps were, in fact, pretty poor and that you personally would not count them.

I did not bring it up, he’s a good dude, fairly strong, just letting him live in the moment, ha. Just uncomfortable because it wouldn’t have met my standards (and then at times he tries to compare our lifts, no, no, no, young one.)


Just respond with a pic of 3 red lights.


That would be so funny, ha!


Not really uncomfortable nor does it make me angry - just annoys the ever-loving shit outta me.

So the guy who’s desk is next to mine drinks coffee every morning and fucking gulps that shit down with that satisfying “ahhh” sound after every fucking sip.

It’s obnoxious. Gulp “Ahhh” … fuck off homie … You’re gonna have to drink your coffee in the cafeteria if you can’t drink it silently - like my seething rage.

Otherwise, nice guy. A bit chatty, but I like him.


I know I’m not the only one that immediately thought of the episode of Black Mirror where dude does the “ahhh” after going down on the female lead character. Right?

*If I am at least I now know @polo77j will think about his co-worker going “ahhh” after chowing down on the ol pink taco stand every time he sees him from now on.





Having moles removed makes me uncomfortable. Also the dermatologist checkup… where they check everywhere for moles. Yuck.


Funny thing more than uncomfortable…

Had a social media news feed come up with a dad posting about how grateful he was to have his son because gir a long time it looked like he and his partner wouldn’t be able to conceive.

Very next post: Any idiot with a dick can make a baby…


People who watch you work
For hours
Just sit there, and watch
No words, not talking
Only for after over 4 FUCKING hours, only to tell me that its not what they ordered and they dont want it

Im the middleman, I install. I do not quote the job, nor do I cross over the order of the job.
So when I turn up, show the product to the customer pre install, I expect them to know what they are getting which they said it was.
Dont wait until im packing up my tools to say something.


Same guy? Yea, cognitive dissonance is funny/uncomfortable when I spot it too … That’s a pretty glaring one though considering his experience.


Some balls on this dude


For some reason, this reminds me of the classic joke:

Two male friends are going for a hike. They sit down to rest but one of them accidently sits on a snake and gets bitten right on the genitals. The bitten guy starts freaking out, worried that he’s going to die.

The friend says: “Don’t worry, I brought my phone, I’ll call a doctor and they will sort it out”. So he calls the doctor and explains what happened. The doctors says snakes in that area are very dangerous and the poison needs to be sucked out right away or his friend will die.

The friend says “Okay doc” and hangs up then stares off into the distance, thinking. The bitten friend then cries out “what did the doctors say?” The friend replies “Sorry old friend but the doctor said you’re going to die”


I remember the punchline as “Doc says you’re gonna die.” That line became a motif in my home.

Funny joke. Reminds me of several others.


…and now we wait