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Things That Make You Uncomfortable


I’ve had a line go in a digger I was in. Luckily it was enclosed cab because it sprayed right at the perspex with a lot of force. I have no doubt it would have opened my leg right up if it had been an open cab.

I’ve had a shard of rivet go in my eye after drilling it out above my head (no glasses). 2 sleepless nights made me go to the doctor where he unsuccessfully proceeded to try to dab out the shard with cotton wool. He than sent me to the hospital where I sat in a chair and had the doc dig it out with a needle. Apparently it had rusted in my eyeball and he needed two goes at it, a day apart. I actually thought it would be more difficult to stare straight at the needle and not blink my eye than it was.


Conjunctival Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Kind of weird, but after the diagnosis in my left eye, I developed Central Serous Retinopathy in my right eye. I told my father in law that the CSR was caused by stress or steroids (this was before my TRT journey) and he blamed it on the stress associated with my obsessive googling about the CSCC.

The other weird thing is that I had been pre lubed with IV valium or something, and all I remember is the doctor approaching me with the needle for my eye, but I have no memory of the shot or the surgery despite the fact I was allegedly conscious for the whole thing.


Jesus that gives me the heebee jeebees just listening to. Eye injuries freak me out like no other.

Also, god tough break. Messed up eye and stumpy arm? That’s gonna be a rough day


When you need (i.e. are asked or told) to give feedback and the person doesn’t want to take feedback, just argue every point.

I try gauge the person and decide if I will bother these days.

One time, a guy threatened to kill me.


Rather than simply rest on the surface, a metallic foreign body (FB) often buries deep in the substance of the cornea, and thus cannot be simply lifted off the surface with a cotton tip. To remove them, we bend the tip of a 27-g needle so that it forms a scoop of sorts. We can then use it to dig the FB out.

As for the second session: If a metallic FB is left in the eye more than a day or so, it will result in the creation of a rust ring–a halo of rust-like material surrounding the location of the FB. If not removed in a timely fashion, a rust ring will provoke a significant inflammatory reaction in the cornea–no bueno. Not uncommonly, the FB will be removed at one session, and the rust ring at a following one.

Here is a cornea that sustained a metallic FB. The FB has been removed; the reddish-brown material comprises a rust ring:


So the injection preceded surgery for the conj neoplasm? If so, the injection was retrobular, ie, behind the eye, not in it. An anesthetic (usually Marcaine) is infiltrated behind the globe with a special long needle–an Atkinson needle, for those keeping score at home. The retrobulbar space contains the nerves that control both eye sensation and movement; thus, anesthetic in this area produces anesthesia (impairment of eye sensation) and akinesia (impairment of eye movement).

The reason you don’t remember is that, just before the injection, they put you under momentarily with propofol (aka the Michael Jackson drug). After you woke up, they kept you in la la land with the benzodiazepine Versed for the duration of the procedure. Both propofol and Versed are notorious amnestics (the nickname for the chalky-white propofol is Milk of Amnesia), which is why you don’t remember anything after the propofol hit you.


Mine always seem to center around poop…

When you’re trying to take a shit:
Lil USMC: Dad What are you doing?
USMC: Going potty
Lil USMC: That’s a big poopy.
USMC: (in head) fuckin weirdo
Lil USMC: Lemme see


This makes a lot more sense to me now.

Also known as the only redeeming thing about a colonoscopy.


When you forgot you were scheduled for a urine sample at work and ate a buttload of asparagus the night before. And your vitamins make it look like you’re handing over a cup of some kind of nuclear reaction byproduct.


Yep, during a frac job. The hose separated from the metal head, swung up and whacked a guy on his helmet. Knocked him flat and hurt his back, but, due to the pressure bleeding off and the lack of anything hard at the end, he just had some cuts (and maybe a concussion) from the plastic inserts in the helmet.

I do have three disgusting ones, though:

Some time ago, just as remote telemetry was becoming a thing on drilling rigs, separate contractors would come out to install sensors to tell things like torque, weight on bit, and RPM. One day the RPM sensor went down. Guy from telemetry company came out.

The senor for this was a laser that hit a little target in the cellar (below the derrick floor). It had fallen off.

Dipshit, instead of waiting 45 minutes for us to shut down, stepped over the safety barricade and went down in the cellar – mind you WHILE THE RIG IS RUNNING.

This is the mechanical equivalent of wandering around a car engine while you are driving down the highway. Lots of moving bits and pieces.

Dipshit then – because, you know, safety first — clips on his fall protection harness and makes his way over to a giant rotating hunk of steel.

Said giant rotating hunk of steel has an arm on it so you can lift it off with a crane.

Said arm caught his – safety first! — fall protection harness and pulled him into the rotating head.

Whereupon he was flossed in half by a steel cable.

I found his legs and hips. The other bits were stuck to the superstructure.

Have many more:

the use of a Wal-Mart lamp to see what the BS&W that accumulated in the bottom of a natural gas bullet tank. That was a heck of an explosion.

The guy who decided he could stop rolling drill pipe with his hand on a pipe rack (it weighs many tons)

The guy who stepped where it said “don’t step” and landed in a var of boiling ethylene glycol

The dude who decided not to use a torque tool on a drill pipe head and had his skull cleaved off by a 22" wrench

And many more.

Think of this when you complain about the price of gasoline, please.


When your girlfriend or wife brings a strap-on. Um, not from personal experience, and not that there is anything wrong with that…but, hypothetically speaking…


Had a super-friendly salesperson at the bakery, just would not shut up.

Followed up 10 minutes later by a coffee hipster who said nothing during our interaction… I mean his mouth literally didn’t open.

Both very uncomfortable.


Admission of getting “Pegged” belongs in the Flame Free thread.


Actual Gap ad circa 2011.



eurgh I hate that. Chick in the local supermarket where I used to live was terrible for that.

“Hey you, pizza night, eh?”

Shut up and just bag my shit, slave.


Arriving at a bench at the same time as someone else…


This is my ideal interaction at the cash register.


I need a that’ll be $6.50 (or whatever) to hand cash over. Someone sticking their hand out made me uneasy haha


Prior note before story
I have pictures not that anyone wants to see it but ill refrain from posting as its graphic

Story title: The day I put a drop saw through my pinky finger

So being raised in a family with my father being a master builder, and my extended family all being trades people of various specialties, I was always surrounded by smart minds and honestly quite “switched on” people when it came to quality of work, and also the whole shtick of “do it right the first time and do it safe”
I picked those life lessons up pretty early and had always prided myself on not doing dodgey shit, and doing a good honest job in my trade (Im a glazier [glass] )
If I was to use power tools, use them with the required PPE and safety guards, keep them in good knick and understand how they work before using it.
Great, got that out of the way before I tell the juicy details (pun intended)

I was doing a side job that required me to construct a few flyscreens and was using my drop saw cutting mitres.
The first thing that I was taught was never to cross your hands or arms because chances are your hand will not clear the blade
So im in my shed cutting, and my partner comes in trying to get my attention (I had ear protection in)
Mrs fuckhead over there decides that she didnt want to come across and get my attention, and throws a shoe across the shed at me
Im not gunna lie… it startled me, I flew off my rocker at her about how dangerous it is…
We discuss what she needed to notify me about and I focus my attention back to the saw
Literally, the first cut it goes through the pinky JUST AFTER CHASTISING HER ABOUT HOW I COULD OF CUT MY FINGER OFF
3/4 of the way through the bone
Surprisingly wasn’t that painful, so I wrapped it up, finished the job, detoured via the clients house to deliver the flyscreens and went to the doctors after to get it stitched up
18 months later it still has faint pins and needles but a full range of movement :blush:


Was she still standing there?

I kinda wanna see pics :joy:


Nah she went back inside
I did all the after activities that I said, came home and she was like oh what happened?
“You happened darling, you fucking happened”