Things That Make You Uncomfortable

We have a “Things That Piss You Off” thread active, and a “Things That Make You Chuckle” thread active and I had an incident in the gym today that made me uncomfortable.

Was working with a client and went to use a piece of equipment, a gal was busy setting up her phone at the instagram thirst angle and I awkwardly caught her at it when I asked if she was done with the machine…I was uncomfortable.

I figure this is in or out of the gym, but mostly in, a couple other things that make me uncomfortable:

  • Warm Toilet Seats
  • Awkward eye contact with the (overly) social gym goer
  • When you accidentally make eye contact too many times with a stranger in the gym
  • Overly touchy spotters
  • Trying to ignore the loud grunts from the local bro that’s bellied up next to me squatting 225 w/ knee wraps in the rack next to me.

These are some things that make me uncomfortable in the gym. Please share your awkward, uncomfortable, and hopefully funny moments.


Let me preface this by saying, I live in a very quiet residential neighborhood, and all the main roads have sidewalks and bike lanes. There’s an older lady who jogs in the early morning hours right in the middle of the street. On the yellow center line. And she’s out there at about 6 am, before it’s fully light. It makes me very uncomfortable. I think she’s going to get hit one day. Also, she wears a white t-shirt with no bra.

There’s a young woman at my gym who wears shorts that are shorter than a volleyball short. They do not fully cover the rear. Not that they ride up once in awhile, they are just made to NOT cover. Like these. She has a very pretty figure, so all the young men probably like the shorts. She does a lot of BB lifts like squats. Call me old-fashioned but at the gym, or when in public, I think your shorts should actually come down over the crease where butt meets leg. If you want to wear them at the beach, or they are part of swimwear, then fine. I don’t think you need to show your bare bottom while you squat.



Let’s not throw around the donts too hastily. Those images make a pretty good argument haha

On the other hand, there used to be this guy at a gym I attended a long time ago who would wear really high cut off jeans and do squats amd stiff legged deadlifts. Urgh, still burnt into my eyes after all this time.


My nomination is for the change rooms. It’s all just a big pit of bad things, why is it so hard to just change and go?


I was expecting to get flamed. Haha. We’re used to seeing a lot of beachwear, but I don’t know. There’s a gym full of young college-aged men in the evening when she trains and I just want to tie a jacket around her waist!

Hi PP, didn’t have time to read your comment. Just wanted to say you’re looking great in the pics. Keep up the good work!


I manage a retail store. Often a female customer will approach me and ask about a piece of merchandise that they are looking for and most of the time they want me to look at it on their phone. Several times while they are scanning their photos some very personal shots will be exposed to me(by accident) . They usually say something oops or just say nothing and keep scanning. It’s kinda awkward so I don’t say anything but it can be a little uncomfortable.


Lol. That was very funny.



I think that’s also the beginning of a porn movie…


Having long conversations with people whose first language is not English, i.e people with a thick accent. Two of the three girls I’ve dated in my life have had parents who were not born or raised here (Korea and Poland). It gets a little awkward after the initial pleasantries because I either have to act relaxed and happy, or I need to listen intently to what they’re saying; I can’t do both at the same time for some reason. So I either miss everything they say or I look like I’m mad at them. Not a great look for me.

When people corner me in public and start talking about their Lord and Savior.

When a teacher asks me to speak in front of the class about an assignment that I completely forgot about.

When my dad gets drunk and starts speaking philosophically. He’s a very funny guy when he’s sober so I can’t take him seriously, but then he gets offended if I laugh at something he says that’s “philosophical.”

When guys that are much, much older than me or girls that are too young for me are being overly friendly towards me. Rarely have I ever heard of anything good coming out a relationship like either of those.

When I hear someone rip ass in class and I have to pretend I didn’t hear it (usually a girl honestly).

Man. I could go on and on. In the gym I’d probably have to say that people attempting twice the amount of weight that they should for squats is what makes me most uncomfortable. Am I going to see your knees explode? Are you going to get pinned and not know how to get out of it? Are you going to quarter squat? Any one of those would make me want to simultaneously laugh and cry

The secretary/owners wife ripped a giant one once when I was leaving for the day and punching my card and exchanging small talk on the way out the door.

There was no pretending. Just a short awkward silence before I said “Ok, see ya tomorrow…” and darted for the door.


Lube will make things less awkward. In both instances


The receptionist at my hubbys office. She is like 20 and loves to attract attn. She ALWAYS has a cameltoe. I don’t see how she can stand it


Laying people off.

Asking management in Europe what date I have to have the business closed by, and getting no answer.

When other couples’ kids act up. Just pretend I don’t notice.

When morbidly obese/lazy peoole want to talk about nutrition and exercise.

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I can understand why people don’t like this, but seriously if you are using public toilets, you know 100% that somebody has used it before you. If it’s still warm at least you have that going for you IMO…

My existence makes me uncomfortable :laughing:.

But also eating lunch with co workers . Especially if it’s just you and one other person and you are sorta sitting close, but haven’t spoken yet and you can hear each other chewing. You wonder if you’re being rude. Or if a greeting has occurred you wonder if you’re supposed to strike up the next conversation .

Oh and when my stomach gargles at the chiro which is always for some reason because they’re moving me around after having my awkward lunch LOL.

Oh and trying to talk to guys in real life.

Seeing people in public that you deleted off your Facebook. Nothing personal I just prefer having like 30 friends on my list and not having it get out of hand .


People talking to me about stuff that I really have no idea about and doing excessive smiling and nodding , etc…

My own thoughts make me very uncomfortable
Sitting for long periods (20 min)
Holding people’s babies and wondering how long until I can give it back especially if I’ve been sitting for more than 20 minutes

Lots more …


Omg, that’s intense uncomfortableness. You are cared about…and I hate FB…I’m afraid my response might make you feel uncomfortable…but you’ve helped me in the past…so I’m gonna make you uncomfortable with a giant :hugs:and you’re gonna have to take it!

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This isn’t uncomfortable for me, its just annoying and if they keep pushing, disrespectful.

I agree with this one, I don’t even have to forget the assignment, I don’t like public speaking.

Context, are you male or female?

My co-workers discussing politics. At the office. During work hours. Loudly. With overt opinions. (We all have our opinions and views…and that’s great…but maybe not at work?) Makes me uncomfortable.


That’s why I stay off that politics thread, and religion one, too

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