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Things That Make You Smile!


OK, enough talking about feeling pissed off. Now, let's balance the yin and the yang. Let's count our blessings!! I'll start...

I'm happy when I see my single girlfriends simply enjoying life and being happy rather than going through negative things that single girls go through, mostly because of guy-issues. I love to see them just enjoying being single and having fun.

I'm happy when my guy says he's so happy that he's no longer single.

I'm happy that despite it can be a pain in the butt sometimes, I do have a great job and work with wonderful people, and I can count on my employer to look out for my best interests and provide me with a stable livelihood so that the rest of my life isn't so complicated.

I'm happy that I have such an awesome sister that I have- a best friend, someone who knows so much about me she could blackmail me but would rather take my secrets to the grave, would never betray me for anyone else in the world because I'm her SISTER.

I'm happy when I listen to System of a Down Music.

I'm stoked whenever I can go hiking, especially with friends, it's so incredibly fun.

OK everyone, I hope you have many blessings!!


Seeing the a-hole who's driving like an a-hole pulled over a few miles ahead...always makes me smile!



Ok, I just answered for all the guys :wink:


Indeed, 4est, indeed...

Very very distant behind boobs, I'll say that these make me smile:

-getting to throw mounds of sugary substances into my body because I just worked out

-Dave Barr making me feel good about eating Pop Tarts

-Seeing a preview for a really cool looking movie that I hadn't heard about

-Seeing an arrogant celebrity that I hate making an ass of themselves

-Watching the Eagles flounder as the Steelers win the Super Bowl

-More boobs




Seeing kids running about and having fun always brings a smile to my face. A simple reminder of simpler times.


She does


He does


...and oh yeah...China's boobs! :wink:


Just last night: My son (4 y-o) rips a huge fart and starts laughing uncontrollably; farts again.
His laugh and the laughter of my entire family makes me smile just thinking about it.

That, and boobs.


Seeing people get what they deserve. Whether it's good or bad. I prefer to see the bad get what they deserve.


being alive


Has anyone mentioned boobs?


Stig jnr..


Seeing the most goofy-looking couple (honestly) out at a club where my friend's band was playing. I could see other people making fun of them and making comments behind thier backs. What made me smile was that they were so enthralled with each other they were oblivious to the stares. It may sound "gay" but seeing two people so in love with each other made me smile.

Sorry this was so long.


And this...


I am a sucker for a pretty brown eye...


What just one?


My animals (goats, dogs, horses, donkey, banty rooster, chickens, and cats).

When the foster children that come to live with my family turn out alright. It makes me smile because I am making a difference in a childs life.

On that same note we had one foster kid named chole (3yrs old). She was the cutest kid ever. She used to ask me if she could come "pump it" (lift weights) with me. I would get her doing assisted pull-ups. She loved it. She used to love drinking metabolic drive, althought she did like to eat it dry. I actually loved that kid (god I am a pussy).

My dad, 50 years old and still goin strong doing undercover work and picking up girls twenty-thirty years younger on the job (no sexual stuff, just leading them on) I have seen it happen, its amazing.


My kids (default answer).

Really I get the biggest smile when I see guys do curls in the squat rack. I don't know why it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's the feeling of superiority I get.