Things That Make You Happy

I remember those Sony Ericsson k750 phones that pretty much everyone had when I was just about leaving secondary school at 16. 2 megapixels was like WOW, surely you can’t get better than that? It’s like having a top of the range camera in your pocket!

I got myself a Nokia N70 also with a 2-megapixel camera, I thought I was a don with my “smart” phone.

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Just finished an interview for a grad school programme. It was a huge success.



Which one/where?


UCLA Behavioural Decision Making

there was quite a bit of academic nepotism involved, but ig that’s how the game is played :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I guess so!? :man_shrugging:t2:

What is academic nepotism?

When your application gets special consideration because your advisor or other letter writer knows people in the department/the ppl you want to work with

In the UCLA case, all the interviewers are my advisor’s coauthors so she pushed my app even though, under normal circumstances, my GRE score would have been grounds for my app to be filtered out.

I have yet to hear back from UCSD, but getting in would be pure nepotism. My advisor (same one) was the prof I want to work with (my academic hero)'s former PhD student and “4th daughter”. I actually do NOT have enough of a maths background for the programme; however, she got me in contact with him and he liked me enough to give an informal acceptance (95% chance of being admitted)

Well, Its a small world already, and the deeper you go into it, the smaller it gets.

Give yourself some credit. People of value don’t just slap their name on any old body. You’ve worked hard and done well! :+1:

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oh yeah… definitely.
My intended field, being relatively new, is especially small. Seems like everyone has worked with everyone


I got a first round interview request from Harvard Business School!!!

  1. playing with my kids, especially the youngest one
  2. random erections during the day
  3. not being laid off (working in tech) so far at least
  4. a good cigar or pipe on occasion (i have addiction issues to that)
  5. going to the gym
  6. re-watching TNG and falling to sleep mid-way
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I love this song, but the dude’s reaction was also great. It makes me happy to see people get really into the things they’re passionate about (in his case, music).