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Things That Make You Happy

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This is from a prof who is one of the “founders” of Behavioural Econ

Bazerman is a prof who I want to work for/with in grad school


Very nice … btw I thought of you recently during a job interview for a marketing and strategy analytics position … me and the interviewer were talking about individual and group motivations for using their products …

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I’m the resident Behavioural scientist then! :joy::joy:

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For Grad school, a good interview and rec letters appear to matter more than GPA and GRE scores. It’s basically a job interview.
Having the letter from your professor who is a friend of this guy is huge. Nice work.

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This morning my 8-year old bent over to pet a dog and ripped an impressively loud fart. At that exact moment the sky opened up and rain began to POUR. He is convinced his fart made it rain.


People who still send handwritten cards.



The first snow!


Joined a rock climbing gym with family today. All of us can participate (even the 3 year old). Extra bonus is that the place has a decently supplied weight room with old school hammer strength machines and DBs up to 100 pounds.

So, killed two birds with one stone. Got all my kids into something active and was able to get rid of my commercial gym membership.

My 3 year old:

And finally found a sport my 13 year old will get behind


Fresh popped popcorn. :relaxed:

Much better than the bag, IMHO.


Is this the type of popcorn that makes the aluminium foil over it on a pan expand?

Go to (1:57-1:59) for reference

Nah. But I remember those jiffy pops. They were a revolutionary development in popcorn technology.

This is the regular old kernels you put in a large stock pot with some oil and butter, then cover with a lid, which I did remove to show the kiddo why they call it Pop! corn.

What I REALLY like though is that the hulls become brittle and crush when you eat it, unlike microwave popcorn with all of the hulls getting stuck on your teeth and wedged all up in your gums.

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Dude that was the first thing that came to my mind after seeing the popcorn

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I have this silicone popcorn maker from pampered chef that can go in the microwave. It’s awesome for great, fast popcorn. Can be used with or without oil. I don’t think I can go back to bagged popcorn.

According to the physics of scary movie, jiffy pops are hazardous.

One of my profs lifts weights.

We had a nice conversation about lifting. He showed me pics of his home gym and asked about my lifting.

It’s so strange and nice to have a prof who knows what “high bar” and “sumo” mean

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:nerd_face: ask him what his max bench is

The girl I’m seeing is a nurse practitioner as well as a gym rat. She knows my sleep and recovery woes so last night she presented me with a power point on important things she learned from “why we sleep” that was filled with great information and extremely funny witty things.
Made me so happy