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Things That Make You Happy

Florida is probably one of the last states I’d move to, haha. How’d you end up out there? Work?

As far as weather goes, I like the Midwest. At least in my area, we’ve avoided all the storms, floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires, etc. that the coasts and the South have. Just blizzards and if you’re in a town/city, those are no biggie.

Work is really the only reason. I am an aerospace engineer and I now live on the Space Coast (12 miles as the crow flies to Kennedy Space Center). There are a bunch of aero and space companies here.

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Where can I find this, Floria?

Didn’t notice that. It was one of two typos in the post. Embarrassing…

Eben sumtimes I maek typos to Jshavingcream

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Some coworkers would call me shaving cream or shaving gel back in high school. (Shaving is actually my last name. I don’t really care if people figure out who I am, I’ve got a very small online presence and nothing to hide.) Anyway, just made me chuckle to see it again. Haven’t heard it since my grocery bagging days.


Aldis and squash

Went to Aldis for some squash. Got two acorn squashes and a butternut squash for $5!!!


Aldi is the best. I told a gym friend to check it out. He didn’t for the longest time, but yesterday he was like I am doing my shopping at Aldi now. I am saving $40-$50 a week. I didn’t do an I told you so, but thought it.