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Things That Make You Happy

I have a three day training this week on responding to assaultive patients, and it’s not boring. I was dreading it, because the old program was deadly, both in terms of its presentation and its probable helpfulness in a bad situation. This one makes much more sense to me. But also the presenter is engaging. I am happy and relieved.

  1. I found an amazing abstract algebra textbook online as well as a full course (with practice problems and solutions). So excited to get started!

  2. The comp Sci discord is seriously amazing. We have this thing where we say good morning to each other and I have very interesting conversations pretty much every day! They also made me a personal emote based on my food blog logo

  3. Turns out, I’m going to get school credit for the project I got invited to join!

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Sitting outside in a pleasantly active park on a beautiful summer night like tonight - full moon, gentle breeze, mid-70s temp, grass, trees, and crickets. Wonderful.

  1. My hair is pretty long now , and whenever I comb it thoroughly it gets really fluffy
  2. Compliments of things I’ve sunk effort into (and am now decent at).

Discovering new music
Spicy Jalapeno pizza
Indian curries
Irreverent/twisted humour!
Coming home on a bus and NOT having an enormous anxiety attack <<<<< BEST. FEELING. EVER!!!


Used bookstores, for their general atmosphere and for when you find a real gem. I’m still giddy about finding a somewhat rare book last week for less than 1/4 of its online price.


Things that make me happy? Robert Plant and Alison Krauss singing…

and this isn’t, imo, the best song on the album


Thanks for reminding me of that album.

yea man … looks like they’re poised to release another one in November … same producer too … looking forward to it

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Watching cartoons in the morning with my 2yr old son makes me happy…he just chills out and snuggles up with me…he drinks his juice, I drink coffee and we just hang out. It’s quiet, relaxed and nice. What’s even better is when we watch the cartoons I grew up with cause it’s something from my childhood that I can share with him…this morning he chose Balto which is one of my favourites….the unfortunate thing is that this morning routine makes it hard to want to go to work haha


After a summer of delays this is finally happening

Snap, when working from home, there’s no better way to start the day.

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Let’s watch Ben and Holly, son.
We’ve seen all those!
These are new ones
Oh okay
Proceed to put on the 50th repeat

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After moving to my current city two years ago, I finally made my first friend outside of work. And we’re going to hang out this weekend. My closest friends live hundreds of miles away, and while my co-workers are nice, we always talk about the same thing – work. I’m so excited! Feeling good about it.


Today has been the best day I’ve had in a very very very long time.

  1. I figured out a coding assignment all on my own and will probably be helping the two guys in my hw group instead of the other way around (one of them is the friend I always talk about)
  2. I crushed my deadlift workout despite feeling decently crap going in- even crushed my pull-up goal
  3. Cleared my assignment load or at least know how to do what I need
  4. My friend complimented my work ethic!!!
  5. I’ve been accepted as a grader for an Econ class!