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Things That Make You Happy

No blankets! Are there pillows there? I can’t remember.

I bring my own blankets and they do sell pillows - you need to be prepared irregardless for emergencies ya know


Fresh thick cut sourdough, toasted to an inch of it’s life, smothered in butter and drizzled with raw honey. Nice hot cocoa to drink with it.


Trips back to my hometown

My parents, after 31 years together, are still acting like a teen couple, are after years of struggles ok financially, just a nice, heart warming thing to have at home

Also, going out with my old buddies makes me feel like I’m back at high school again.No worries, just taking shots at one another and telling some distasteful jokes over a bunch of beers


Got my starter going for a loaf tomorrow … I love dipping it in my sunny side up yolks with some Cholula hot sauce at breakfast mmm mmm


I made a loaf last week. I love eating it with this Cretan olive oil and Italian balsamic vinegar I have.

Maybe I’m weird, but I REALLY love pate on bread. Also brie. Also mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and balsamic on bread. Also just bread.


You think loving pate might be weird? I’m drooling over the plate of rare beef liver dipped in mustard I made for lunch last week :joy:

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Friday evening cardio sessions make me happy. They’re a pleasant way to dump the week’s stress.

My little 24-hr hole in the wall gym is finally opening back up. They are allowing 5 people in for each hour-long slot, and you can only sign up for 3-days per week. Im excited to start programming. Have a wedding coming up, and i always like to give my legs a break in the summer from all the pounding they endure skiing in the winter so i think im gonna go upper-lower-upper (M-W-F in the morning) and throw in a bodyweight pump/arms session at home on wednesday evenings with my mcguyvered at-home setup. Stoked to get back at it as ive lost about 15lbs over the past 4 months because eating so much is a PITA and i liked the break.

I bet it wil take a few sessions to figure out how to maximize my gym time so im not wasting any doing a warm up. Im thinking i do some farmer walks and easy calisthenics/dynamic warmup in the parking lot at 545am just before my time slots.

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I FINALLY nailed down a viable potential topic for my senior thesis project!!!

so, with the extended lockdown, I pulled the trigger on a home gym.

hope to stay swole through this pandemic thingy, and then get on with our lives!

I should have it paid off before the zombies come, hopefully~

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CMU faculty: I reached out to a professor thinking it would take weeks to get a response. He got back to me in 4 days, and not only apologized for “taking so long” but is recovering from major surgery!

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My research advisor- we had a 2hour meeting yesterday
I screwed up the task so he couldn’t give me the next one.
We ended up spending 10min talking about the task, 30min talking about my project, which then spun off into a tangent conversation about Chinese culture

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Good business.

Let me elaborate. Last year my HVAC shit the bed, so I called the installing company, since the unit was 5 years old and it’s supposed to be under a 10 year warranty. We had been in this house 2 years by this point. Turns out neither the previous owners nor the installation company had registered the unit, so it only had a 5 year warranty. ALSO turns out, it was 3 days out of warranty and the installing company wouldn’t honor it, but they offered a person to come over for a ‘free diagnostic’, so I was pissed but I took them up on their offer. The guy is there 10 minutes and tells me my compressor is bad and I need a whole new HVAC, starts trying to quote me on one. So I tell him thanks, I’ll contact them later, send him on his way.
I gripe about it at work the next day and a coworker puts me in contact with a local HVAC company that has great reviews. Guy comes out, after an hour and a half, he finds out it’s a bad contacter. Total of 2 hours there, he puts a new contacter in, charges me $140 for labor and parts.
A year later, HVAC starts frosting up and barely blowing. Call the same guys, they come out there, turns out the fan motor on my inside unit is fucked. It’s the same guy who came over the first time. The part costs ~$400, but he checks my warranty and remembers what happened with it only being a 5 year warranty. Turns out, 5 years ago he installed a bunch of these units, and he tells me he’s gonna call me back that evening. He does, and he tells me that his company will always register parts to make sure everyone gets their full warranty and that it pisses him off when people get screwed that way. Furthermore, it turns out he was able to finagle a loophole where he can use one of the warranties on a previous unit he’s installed to cover my part. I’ll only have to pay labor. Saved me $400, charged me nothing for the 2 hours he was here diagnosing the problem in the first place.
Now, I don’t expect stuff like this every time, but I wish big business places like the scumbag company that installed my unit in the first place could see what went down: a company found a way to make me happy, save me money, and now they have my business FOR LIFE. I don’t give a shit what’s covered and what’s not, I will never go anywhere else.
THAT is how you get a lifelong customer.


Indoor plumbing.

that makes me happy.

can you imagine the alternative?


I’ve been on days long hikes…no need to imagine the alternative…it’s shitty…

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A certain unit in Afghanistan picked a very logical place for a semi-permanent forward base.

So a shitter was dug in the most logical. In the process, large number of Soviet vodka bottles were uncovered, along with general trash, and what appeared to be fossilized Russian turds.

Uncertain enough time had passed for sanitation purposes, that shitter was filled in and a new shitter was dug at the second most logical location. Up came old rum bottles with Dutch East Indies markings on them. This trench was used.