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Things that make you feel good!

After always having to put up with Jason B’s rehtoric, I figured I would share a positive story. I have recently changed jobs, and now work in a bad area of a city. Today I decided to try to find a gym to catch a noontime workout. Down the street was a dumpy looking place with GYM on a sign in front. I walked in, payed my fee…and found nirvana…no machines, no aerobics, just iron, iron and more iron. And the guys in there were BIG!! There was only one issue…I was the ONLY white guy in sight (and blonde haired and blue eyed white boy at that!). There were quite a few looks as I walked in and changed. I will be honest, I was a little uneasy…this isn’t exactly the best area of town…lol. I warmed up on the heavy bag for a few minutes (held together with wrap after wrap of duct tape…you GOTTA love it!) Then I hit the bench.

I was getting a few looks…none of them too friendly. Paying attention to my workout, I was on my 5th set of bench…and struggling, when from above, a set of hands slid under the bar to spot me. I knocked out two more hard reps with the spotters assistance, and coaxing to “push out one more”. After I racked it, I stood to thank him, and it was one of the BIGGEST, doo rag wearing, 5 pounds of gold chain wearers. He smiled, and told me “Any white boy who can rock the bag the way you did…is welcome here” From there, we started talking, he introduced me to some of the other guys, and I think I am going to join that dump!! I guess what I am trying to say is that today I saw the iron game overcoming a lot of racism in a way I didn’t really expect. By the time I left there I felt like I was welcome, and that I had found a few new brothers in this game. People like Jason, I feel for you…I really really do…especially after today.

If we could only cultivate that feeling worldwide, I’m sure we’d have fewer wars. If you knew that guy in your cross hairs spotted some one like you, would you be as willing to pull the trigger? Thought so…

whopper: It’s been said throughout the Centuries by every generation and by all who fostered Peace among peoples: we have FAR more in common than we have in differences. You became a “Brother In Iron”, and for those guys, the rest didn’t matter…

Whopper, T-bro, I kid you not when I say that your story is the most genuinely beautiful one I’ve ever heard on this forum, and ranks up there on the all-time list. Iron + Simplicity= harmony. Peace in.

“MB Eric: Destroy boy for hire. Since 1844.”


Man this sounds like my High School Football days. We prtically lived and together and killed ourselves on the field and in the weight room. And color just didnt make a difference everybody had respect for every body else. I think you should join that dump.

Your little story sounds like you have an interracial homosexual fantasy brewing not so deep under the surface. I hope you are not married (for your wife’s sake).

Congrats on finding a real T-gym to train at. I used to belong to one in Brooklyn, 5th Avenue Gym that your story reminded me of. It is good to hear and know that hard work endures into respect in the gym.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff, big guy…thanks for sharing it. It helps put things in perspective and I think the other guys have made some good comments–especially E-Man…but I think Colin’s words of wisdom could’ve been witheld…feel free to go track him down with your new T-Bros and whoop 'em up! Seriously, that must’ve given you one hella huge rush with that brotherhood and comaradere and all…kinda reminds me of the feeling I got watching Remember the Titans.

I am serious. If you want to write in to an internet forum to tell about your experience with large doorag wearing gold chain encased (is this Mr T?) black man who refers to you as “white boy”, then you are either a homosexual, have a strange form penis envy, or are a terrible bullshitter.

Colin, you’re a moron.

Good on ya Whopper. BTW, how’s Mrs. Whopper’s recovery coming? As for you Colin, there is a vacant padded cell next to Jason at the local funny farm awaiting you. Maybe a little chemical help can alleviate your obvious misery. Perhaps the two of you can play a little ‘drop the soap’ in the shower together.

Colin, are you 15 or 16? Look, all I was trying to do was relay a positive story on this forum, not one about pushing your mom, slipping whinny in a girlfriends drink, or is this girl a whore. Obviously you have never been in a big city, except to visit. Being called “white boy” is pretty common, at least here on the East Coast. Granted, saying “whats up my Nigga” will get a white guy killed, but it is OK for a black guy to say to another black guy. And addressing whites as “white boy” is pretty common as well. Grow up with your latent homosexual fantasies bro…as Shakespear wrote, “Me thinketh tho protesteth too much” got a few issues Colin? Its ok bro…to each their own, but I love the ladies far too much.

The rest of you guys, I was there again this morning, and I really like the place…it is definetly a hardcore gym, even if once again I was the only white guy in there, there were a few of the guys from lunch yesterday, and they were all still good people. (But what do they do, LIVE in that place?) The place is a whoppin $25 per month, cash at the first of each month I was told…can’t beat that with a stick…and the desk guy laughed at me when I asked about a contract…guess I have been around the foo foo health clubs for too long!! I am serious when I say this is the ultimate T-gym…kinda dimly lit, kinda dirty, with some DAMN angry music playing (no backstreet boys playing here!). You can feel your t-levels rising just walking into it…unfortunatly tho…no T-Vixens, but there were two ladies in there today that looked a bit jucied up…and certainly were nothing I would give a second glance…but they were moving some serious poundage!! Then again they could have been Colin in drag!! Naaaa…couldn’t be, I did say they were moving serious poundages…my bad!!

Whopper, awesome story bro!! It truly touched me deep in my sluggish morning haze. Keep on doin it, man.

Whopper - Good story. Don’t let Colin get to you. He sounds a bit homophobic. No matter what you do in this world, no matter how positive, someone will always try to twist and find fault in it.

Whopper, I live East side as well and most of my feinds are bothers as well. As such I commend you for keeping your cool. I have found that people are people and their are assholes in every group however do not let you believe that is the norm for that group. Hell I would be damn upset to hear that Colin was speaking for us.

Hey Colin, If a flashlight was put up against your right ear, would the light be visible out the left? Bloody imbecile.

Whopper, I just love your story. It warms the heart to know that what seperates us can be crossed by what joins us.

Is this gym in the Philly area?


Avoids, thanks a lot for asking bro. It is coming along slow but steady…just her mood swings about it are driving me out of my mind. One minute she is calm and rational, the next down, depressed, crying or angry. I guess I might be the same way if I was stuck in a brace and unable to leave the house except to go to physical therapy!! Hopefully by September she will be able to get out a bit…and I am told by December…I MIGHT see some loving again…depending on how her internal organs have shifted back into their proper places. (She is 3" taller since the surgery…from 5’4" to 5’7"…told her I have to divorce her since I never have liked girls over 5’5",she told me as soon as she can, she is going to choke me to death for that comment…can you feel the love?? :slight_smile: Looking at my above post, I should have been a bigger man then to go back at colin…should have just ignored him…sorry about that guys…just blame it on the lack of nookie and a quick temper as of late…lol!! Just imagine how bad I will be by December!! Gonna kill the poor Vixen by the time her body is ready!

This is very cool. After all, we are all on here and none of us mention our race. Pretty cool.

Whopper? I didn’t know my penis was writing to the forum. Naw, just kidding, that’s a cool story. I’m just wondering where you’re writing from. That sounds like a gym here in NYC on 135th and Lenox.

Great story!!! It’s so cool how people respond to intensity. It was obvious you weren’t there to screw around, and they noticed and respected that immediately.

Please wish your lady well from all of us!