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Things That Make You Chuckle


On Bruce Willis
“I can’t wait to see your next project, ‘Die Hard 6: Natural Causes.’” — Jeff Ross



So juvenile but it gets me every time



I want to thumbs up that about 1000 times. So funny. That wall! Haha.




The glaring differences in how men and women interpret a relaxed professional dress code.

Men: button down, polos, jeans, slacks, shoes (not sneakers . no flip flops etc.), combed hair.

Women: A t-shirt, jeans with holes in them, sometimes leggings, flip flops, messy bun.

I will say the women who take themselves seriously dress appropriately, but comparing the most dressed down man with the most dressed down woman - the man looks like he’s ready to sell you a nice, reasonable car. The woman looks like she’s ready to curl up on the couch and watch the latest episode of the bachelor…

lol c’mon now


On classifieds or sales pages on social media when someone states they are looking for ‘free or cheap’ stuff.

“Hey just moved into a house, I’m looking for a couch, a tv, a dishwasher, a dryer, possibly a maid/butler…must be free or cheap. Thanks!”

I get stretching your dollar but the whole, “Do the leg work for me, show me what you have, but you can’t want to make money on it.” thing just drives me nuts.


I ran into the opposite when my wife and I combined/condensed our lives together. We had extra appliances like 2 deep freezers, washers, dryers, furniture, etc.

We put a bunch of it outside with a sign that said “make an offer”. First question from everybody was invariably " What’s wrong with it?".


A new client of mine’s IT department suggested that they loan me a laptop for the next 3 years. The reason: so that I could print at their office. Ffs, just give me your secure network credentials.

You’ll trust me with $100 million, but not your network.


I got a driver bit set that has all of the goofy little bits that you need to fix all kinds of toys and things that have those PITA screw heads that no one has driver bits for.

Me and the kiddo just did a Trackmasters Thomas overhaul tune-up session on about a dozen of his engines.


Work scenarios:

Business wear: slacks, shoes, shirt (tucked), jacket (optional), tie (optional), morning shave
Casual wear: slacks, shoes, shirt (untucked), jacket (optional), no tie, no morning shave

I did see a guy with trackpants a few months ago. Not sure how well that went down haha


I don’t get why all battery compartments need a screw. Which always strips unless you have a perfect screw head.

What is the danger of batteries. They’re not really swallowable and they’re low voltage/current… perhaps they leak in kids mouths?


Stomach acid will cause them to corrode, and leak inside the stomach. Especially the button type batteries. And yes, they can and do swallow them.
But I agree! It’s a pain in the ass.


Not an absolute rule by any stretch, but kids love to put batteries in their mouths. The AA and AAA sized ones in a lot of toys are pretty swallowable and they also leak and the innards are pretty toxic/corrosive.

There was some kind of code or rule passed a while back that outlines the criteria for choking hazards in kids toys in the US. Its something like anything less than a 2 in. radius. Hence the screws on battery compartments now.


All I can picture is a small child inhaling batteries by the handful…


“Honey, the government says anything with a radius less than 2” can fit down your throat… we need to talk"


if it will fit thru a toilet paper/ paper towel tube, its too small for young children.


Man, my kid… When he was little it drove me nuts. He wrenched the pullies that retain the draw strings on the curtains loose. Once free he immediately wrapped them around his neck!

I was stuck in terminal facepalm mode for about two and a half years.


Yeah. I remember that as a rule of thumb, but got curious and looked up the code stuff at some point.