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Things That Make You Chuckle




Have y’all seen this? It’s been making the rounds for at least a week on the interwebz.

Language nsfw


Full vid. https://streamable.com/4e3qh

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That kid… I have words. If I was that guy I’d have had to leave the scene. Because it would have been a Spartan kick.

Based on his mom’s behaviour afterwards he’ll learn nothing. He got more parenting in that 5 minutes than his whole life up to that point.

Hell my grandfather got shot with rocksalt shells for trespassing on Halloween. His dad made him apologize before he took him to the doctor to have the salt dug out.


These kinds of videos make me laugh, reminisce, and get annoyed at the kids, all at once.


Just like Eeyore at black masses.


I’m kinda proud of my little bugger. At first he started with “its not fair!!!” but turned it around to wanting to beat the ghosts. The 2 player thing threw him for a loop for a minute too, but now he likes it.


That kid is gonna be a super fun adult to deal with haha


He’ll get squared away in prison…




This guy cracks me up pretty good. Good stuff for the diy’r



If anyone wants to know what i look like in real life it’s Harry Enfield


So, my nephew just joined the Army reserves (or national guard I can’t remember). Dude posts a picture in uniform on FB with his marksmanship badge (the lowest level). He’s a bit sensitive so I’m super gentle with him… Anyway, I write something like “looking good, but we need to upgrade that shooting badge.”

His response “It’s not my fault. Fort Jackson’s ranges are terrible”. Okay, fucktard, I’m sure Parris Island’s ranges are just as shitty and I managed to be a multiple time rifle expert.

Kids and their excuses… “Wananananananan It’s not my fault!” LMAO. You’re pulling the trigger it’s your fault. Fucking ranges are shit, bitch please.


I’m sure Ramadi, or wherever, has good landscape for hitting marks.


No shit, dude.

“It’s not my fault I couldn’t hit any of the terrorists today! They weren’t popping up in the same exact spot and standing still for minutes at a time like the targets at Fort Jackson!”


Have an interview today and found out the address is on “Alpha” Avenue.

Made me laugh with all those threads on here about being and acting “alpha”. Gonna roll in and act like a pompous, emotionally stunted asshole. What could go wrong?


Call the interviewer a betacuck and you’re sure to get the job on the spot.


All the other roads are so jelly. Alpha ave’s get all of the chicks&stuff.



This one always made me chuckle


How are we supposed to spot fakenatty’s now!!!