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Things That Make You Chuckle


When someone is waiting for a bus and they see it approaching, theyll usually get up and stand near the curb…

Now and again the bus will just drive by them and invariably they’ll turn and watch it as it drives off into the distance…

Cracks me up every time!


I know everything in the following article should be appaling. But I dare you to read the entire thing without laughing.



I can’t believe they’re having such a hullabaloo over the office mascot.

I didn’t get through a single paragraph without laughing, but I also snicker every time we scroll through channels and go past the British Broadcasting Channel.

Wife preemptively tells me to shut up pretty often.


Entire article? I didn’t make it past the first sentence.


So our 8 year old sweeper broke this week. Following conversation ensues:
Wife: “what do we do?”

Me:“Just use the old back up filter queen till we fix the newer one. That’s why we kept it.”

Wife: “That thing is useless and ancient, it’s 30 years old”

Me: historical laughter… because she is 30 years old. Followed by a low block to prevent a jab to the ribs from landing.



The wife does the whole gluten free/paleo thing with the home cooking. The kids have never known anything else. I don’t mind because we get the kids plenty of carbs from sweet potatoes, dairy, fruit etc… every day.

We found Udi’s bread at Costco without objectionable ingredients as a treat. We’re eating toast this morning and my 4 year old asks: “Daddy, what kind of animal is made of bread?”.


Interesting times we live in (no sarcasm intended)


Turtles. Tell them that bread comes from turtles!



Yes! Next question: “can we eat mommy’s turtles?” Since we have chickens the kids are little savages. Haha.





Lmao I love Morty’s impossibly happy expression!


Where’s Zep! I found the secret.


I turned my kid on to the old arcade games of my youth, like pacman and Galaga.

He has a ball with them and it cracks me up endlessly to watch him play them.


How old is your kid?