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Things That Make You Chuckle


Gotcha … good to hear I’m not the only one who “suffers” from this lol








I take a bow :bowing_woman:


Ty for this thread…I sometimes get a little brain dead…which drs can confirm :sob:…and sorry but can’t help my poor posting skills :hugs:




One day, I will learn not to browse tnation on a crowded train…


It’s actually a great perk.
Suddenly, all the seats become available.


Marriage in a nutshell:


wimminz have no taste




lol, didn’t see that coming.


Found your next Senator - I bet you can’t wait to hit the polls in Novemeber, eh?


Ya ya, that’s old news. That’s a Zep candidate if I’ve ever seen one.


Go on small trip away.
Better half goes out on the morning before we leave, takes car.
“Can you pack the car while I’m gone, so we can leave quickly?”
Must have missed heard…
Pack things up into luggage and put by door
Get text half way through “have you packed?”
“Almost”, then silence
Gets home, perturbed that bags are not in car
“Why didnt you put them in the car and why’d you say you did?”
What sort of trap is this? “Someone parked the car 15km away and it was too long a walk” then brace for impact.
She laughs with embarrassment.
Phew! Can relax.



Its like the fitbit for the big O!

Can’t wait for the Facebook posts of peoples stats “Janine had 6…”


Wonder if Apple will come out with one :roll_eyes:


I can see it now

“Babe, we have’t logged in a week, come on. Don’t you care about my health”

“You only be logging two minutes anywayz”

“Baby, that’s cold.”