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Things That Make You Chuckle


So I got my DNA test back from Ancestry. Excited to see my results I open the app and… nothing.

I failed the DNA test boys. Either I’m an alien or my spit was defective. Feelz bad.


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It’s a guilty pleasure, but I love watching Alaskan Bush People on the discovery channel and just laughing at them for a solid hour.

They just missed the kill shot on a spray painted wild boar target from 20 feet away, using a rifle with a scope.


That whole family flies in the face of natural selection…


A good thing that makes me chuckle:

St. Patrick’s day in Market Square.


Clearly you weren’t doing it right



Nice. No booze this year on market square. They forgot to apply for permits. Probably would’ve been the best year to take kids. We stayed home ate corned beef and cabbage, watched Lord of the Dance and Quiet Man.


That is low key my favorite John Wayne movie.


Maureen O Hara, what a wild beauty she was. The scrap with Victor McClagan is superb.


Of course, I don’t know if the whole ‘Dragging Maureen O’Hara through town’ scene would play well in the current political climate…


To all my Aussie friends…this made me laugh, simply because I would have done the same thing. @j4gga2 @duketheslaya @MarkKO


Oh I dunno, ‘pussy grabbing’ seems to be a thing these days.


Donny T.


Big Jake and McClintock are right up there for me.

That slap attempt scene is money. He’s not even mad. My wife is a redhead, fairly accurate representation. I’ve heard red hair called “God’s warning.”

“Bar Towel!”

Have you seen McClintock? Don’t wanna spoil it, but 100 times worse.


I have, it’s just that the conversation was specifically about The Quiet Man, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.


True Grit surely. When he faces down Robert Duvall with the reigns in his mouth and a gun in each hand…‘fill your hands you SOB’


Egg the bloke or punch into the kid that egged him?


I ran around my grandparents house with a cap gun quoting that exact line at like 7yo. Didn’t end well lol.


Punch the kid


Agreed. The only problem here is the guy is in a position of power. If It was a random normal guy no one would care