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Things That Make You Chuckle


R Kelly Gayle King interview remix


So two weeks ago I was roughly 224 lbs. Then I got bronchitis and basically didn’t eat or train for a week and a half. Get back on the scale Tuesday in the AM… then this nonsense insued.

Tuesday: 235 lbs. “wtf happened? Oh well, time to get back at it.”

Wednesday: 224 lbs. "Ummm. Okay, that’s better. Water weight? Did I eat too much salt? Oh well, just need to keep grinding.

Thursday: 205 lbs. “Wtf scale?” Measured my waist, maybe down .5" since before the bronchitis so…

There are a few possibilities here.

  1. I need a new scale. This one is broken
  2. Someone turned down the difficulty settings under the fat loss tab in my pause menu to “easy mode”.
  3. I’ve discovered the holy grail of fat loss and I need to make a Billy Maize style infomercial and write an E-book. “Lose 30 lbs in 2 days!”




That’s hilarious.


Unless you crapped and pissed out 30# worth, I 'd check the scale.


I haven’t pooped in days … I’m operating at 100% efficiency



When folks post stupid stuff to their social media and are friends with their bosses/coworkers and then are surprised when their boss and coworkers know they skipped out on work to party, or travel, or whatever it is.

Or the classic, “I’m going to post this controversial topic, statement, opinion, meme, but I’m not here for comments, so listen to my opinion, but keep yours off of my ‘personal’ space.” and then someone comes in like a wrecking ball.


I enjoy the people who have an opinion on everything.

“Minister in Libya stubbs toe.” Joe will definitely have to something to say about this…yup, good ol’ Joe always delivers.


Hahahaha! Wow.


Wifey and I attended an interview with the school about our son.

In this interview, my wife’s head exploded and she said some pretty silly things.

Afterwards, she told me that she thought it was “better to be real” than to tell people what they wanted to hear.

I made the point that if you want people to do something then it’s easier to tell them what they wanted to hear.

She then said that wasn’t true and that, for example, she wasn’t like that. I then proceeded to tell her that she was indeed like that and I gave her several examples where she demonstrated this.

Apparently, she didn’t appreciate my observation. She also didn’t appreciate the irony that she didn’t like to hear people say that she likes to hear people say what she wants to hear.

She also didn’t appreciate that I did enjoy this irony…

… it was a tough day lol


…are you me? …or am I you?


How are you two still married? Even I, with my abysmal lack of social awareness, know that some observations should be left unspoken to the S.O. Of course, it did take me 2 divorces to learn that, and my current wife gives as few fucks as I do, so maybe I never really did learn it…


I swear, my wife’s subconscious loves to try and trap me in these types of moments. The other day she complained for like 15 minutes about how she’s tired of people complaining… Then she’s like “do I complain”.

I’m like:

(If you haven’t sene the above sketch fix yourself - Key and Peele “I said bitch”)


The correct answer: change the subject.


“No more than the bitter shrews you’ve been complaining about for the past 15 minutes.”

Disclaimer: We’re a weird couple, don’t try this at home.


When my partner is in a bad mood she moans a lot. About every thing. This can last half a day or more. After a while I hit a limit and just walk away whilst she is mid-rant.
Her- “are you listening? “
Me -” no, I can’t take anymore of you whinging voice. "
How bad a mood she’s in will determine how badly this turn out.


Oh man, @boyce79. I actually had to click on your profile pic to see what a man looks like who says this kind of thing aloud.

I see that you’re a dog, lol.


It’s my amazing sexual prowess…

… which one day, I hope to use again.

But really, for the most part, I behave but every now and again I can’t help myself lol


Mine is the same way, good thing that you and I have this shit dialed…

wait, you dont think that our wives think the same about us, do you?