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Things That Make You Chuckle


My dogs would just crawl in and insert themselves into the cuddle puddle.



Hilarious tragedy … The Chappelle picture just sums it all up for me


TIL that bridge championships drug test. I could see getting banned for adderall or a stimulant… but test? C’mon man.


I can’t believe bridge is an IOC recognized sport… this is the card game right?

It’s still probably a better chance at an Olympics appearance than powerlifting.


Hahaha, caught doping.

Maybe I should hit the Confessions thread to admit that I’m juicing for most of my big playing card events. Sure, occasionally I’ll take on a couple of kids without PEDs, but if the competition is stiff? I want something onboard. An edge.


I used test boosters in college for my math classes. Nothing help you bust through systems of equations and complex conjugates like tribulus.


Go to 31:50 to watch the judge dive out of the way of a massive rolling stone. Nothing wrong with his reflexes.


If I had to put my money on someone dominating a dodgeball game, I’d have it on Magnus. There is at least one great dodge each contest he judges haha

Anyway, I once tried to stop a rolling 140kg atlas stone with my foot. It didn’t end well and I’m probably lucky that I didn’t get a serious leg injury that day.

This is really a dumb sport haha



*need a set of these.




if you had a set of those you wouldn’t be wearing leggings


I’d drop a potato or a flashlight down there just to enhance the artwork. In the front, of course, not the back.


I found this way funnier than I probably should have


Keep it up and you’re gonna be getting unsolicited dick pics in your email!




I don’t remember giving you my email but if I did then there was definitely implied solicitation


They dig the Jewish boys. It’s the curly hair and reputation of being smart, I think.


Dude! Elliot in the Morning (a radio show with a douchey shock jock) was discussing this on Friday and I called in and got on the radio. Funny story.


“don’t be a bigot” – that made me chuckle!